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UPS2-3 - should I fight for what is fair?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by KarmaQueen, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. I haven't worked for several months after making a complaint against a senior member of staff; I wasn't suspended but placed on (fully-paid) leave 'for my own well-being'.
    My question isn't actually about the complaint though; I am eligible to apply for progression from UPS2 / 3 this summer but don't know if I can under the circumstances. My previous 2yrs PM objectives were clearly met; my teaching ability has never been questioned. Our PM runs Oct - Oct so should the fact that I've been unable to complete this years' objectives due to the 'leave' make any difference? My last 2 yrs PM were successful and without the other problems, they are the PM rounds that would have been looked at.
    If I don't apply/ have it approved it will mean that my progression will be delayed for at least 2 more years as this yrs PM won't be completed, which seems unfair under the circumstances. I would have completed the PM if I had been at work.
    Should I just give up the idea and focus on the other issues? Or should I fight for what is fair?

  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I would say that you can't have a successful pm this year as you aren't there. That is not unfair, just the way it is. If you could meet all your targets without being in school, plenty of less capable teachers would have a better chance of meeting them away from school than in school.

    I would also say you are not eligible to move up to UPS3 as you cannot demonstrate that you are meeting the threshold standards if you aren't in school.

    You won't necessarily have to wait another two years, but you will need to be back in school and meeting all the standards for the major part of next year to be able to apply next summer.

    I honestly wouldn't think it was fair if one of my colleagues who hadn't been in school for several months (for whatever reason) could still move to the next UPS level. I'd be stunned to be honest.

    I really think you should concentrate on negotiating your way back to work.

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