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Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by sarky, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I am confused. Can anybody tell me what I need to do to apply for UPS 3 and where the post-threshold standards I need to look at are?
  2. Sorry - just realised I didn't say why I was confused!

    Looking on here, it seems it should be automatic but the head has said I need to write a letter outlining the key points of the post-threshold standards ..... which I can't find anyway!

  3. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    no letter needed. See STPCD 2010 section 3 para 49:
    Upper Pay Scale Progression Criteria – Clarification
    The following paragraphs refer to all teachers seeking to progress on the
    Upper Pay Scale.
    To achieve progression, the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions
    Document (STPCD) requires that the achievements of post-threshold
    teachers and their contribution to school(s) should have been substantial
    and sustained. To be fair and transparent, judgements must be properly
    rooted in evidence and there must have been a successful review of overall
    Progression on UPS should be based on two successful consecutive
    performance management reviews, other than under exceptional circumstances.
    A successful performance review as prescribed by the Regulations(9)
    involves a performance management process of
    • performance objectives;
    • classroom observation;
    • other evidence.
    To ensure that the achievements and contribution have been substantial and
    sustained, that performance review will need to assess that the teacher has:
    • continued to meet post-threshold standards; and
    • grown professionally by developing their teaching expertise postthreshold.
    U3 teachers play a critical role in the life of the school. They provide a role
    model for teaching and learning, make a distinctive contribution to the
    raising of pupil standards and contribute effectively to the work of the wider
    team. They take advantage of appropriate opportunities for professional
    development and use the outcomes effectively to improve pupils’ learning.
  4. Thank you

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