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UPS 2 > 3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gmac83, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. gmac83

    gmac83 New commenter

    hi all,

    I work in a community primary school (not an academy) and have been on UPS 2 now for 3 years, and have had 3 successful PM cycles.

    I mentioned to my appraiser that I would like to go from UPS 2>3 and he initially told me that I should write to the governors to apply. I did that, but have now been forwarded a lengthy application form stating:


    When starting an application, please refer to the Pay Policy for Centrally Employed Teachers, as well as the national framework for Teacher Standards. All threshold applications are to provide evidence for decisions on pay progression in three main areas.

    Part 1 – Teaching; progress; observations;

    Part 2 – CPD; dissemination of good practice; and

    Part 3 – Wider school contributions and professional standards.

    This evidence, together with an appraiser recommendation to the Head Teacher, will allow the process to commence as stated in the table below. The final decision on any award will be made by the Governing Body.

    UPS3: “Highly competent”: the teacher’s performance is assessed as having excellent depth and breadth of knowledge, skill and understanding of the Teachers’ Standards in the particular role they are fulfilling and the context in which they are working.”

    Is this correct? I was under the impression it should be automatic if PM has been completed successfully?

  2. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    Just write a summary of how your practice fulfils the TSs and how you meet the criteria for progression as detailed in the policy. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

    Attach your last couple of successful appraisals and send it off.

    Don’t know why you writing to govs though, it’s up to the HT.

    Whether it’s ‘automatic’ or not will be covered in the policy, but it’s highly unlikely.
  3. Josh7

    Josh7 Occasional commenter

    Certainly when I worked for an LEA school such decisions were up to the governors. They did tend to rubber stamp whatever the head wanted, but they were in charge of such decisions.
  4. gmac83

    gmac83 New commenter

    Thanks. So is it still usual practice to have to “apply” for progression on UPS?

    I ask as I have a colleague at the same school who has not had to complete anything in order to progress from M6 to UPS1 - no letter etc, was just told in his appraisal meeting that he would be progressing. Surely if I have to apply, so should he? No?
  5. Sundaytrekker

    Sundaytrekker Star commenter

    Following appraisals, the headteacher makes the pay recommendations to the governors. The governors should satisfy themselves that recommendations have been properly arrived at then generally endorse them. Their real power is over the headteacher’s pay progression although they must have external advice with this.

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