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Upper respiratory tract infection doing the rounds

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by inky, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Starts with a cough, sore throat and swollen glands. Then a head cold. Slight fever.
    I've been poleaxed. I've coughed so much my ribs are really painful - precious little sleep.No sense of taste and living on yoghourt.
    Has anyone else come down with this? I'm loth to call it flu but it's not just a cold either.

    Has anyone else got this? How long does it last?
  2. HI,
    I have been struggling with this for a month. I have had swollen tonsils for 3 weeks and basically felt awful the whole time.
    I have been in and out of work because of this. One day I can speak the next day my throat is that swollen I can't even drink properly.
    Antibiotics have not cleared it.
    Sorry to break the bad news.
  3. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Sorry you've been so poorly.

    I don't have tonsils and I know I'd have to have a test to ascertain whether the infection was viral or bacterial and hence rsponsive to antibiotics.. Back to work tomorrow and on a plane on Thursday [really scared of upsetting fellow-travellers because of coughing all night, even though the prospect of a week's idle convalescence is tempting]
    Mr inky doesn't think I'll be fit to travel.
  4. I hope you are well enough to travel! There is nothing worse than being ill at half term.
  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    It's embarrassing being ill during term time.
  6. Oh no, I hope I'm not starting with this. I have got a terrible cough which kept me awake all night, i'm shaking and my ribs are hurting. Went into work only to come home again before the children came in, I couldn't even stand at the front of the room let alone teach.
    I hate being off work.
    Hope you are well enough to fly, Inky!
  7. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Sounds horribly familiar. Look after yourself, Becky. I'm going to be dosed up for the journey with everything I can lay me hands on. Then, hopefully, I'll sleep through it and emerge to a week's convalescence on my back in the sunshine. Fingers crossed fro both of us!
  8. I think I have the same virulent bug. It is unlike anything I've had before, and I'm now day 7. Sore throat came on suddenly and strongly, with sneezing and feeling chilled. Very fast build up. Day 2 felt knocked out, sore throat about gone, but coughing due to futile attempts to clear lungs. Lost whole night of sleep due to coughing, and even feared a bit about sleeping as breathing was difficult. Last three days clearing lungs but still some coughing to clear lungs. Not 'flu, I have had the 'flu jab, not what I would normally describe as a cold either. Nasal passages remained clear. Ribs sore from coughing.
    Seems to be in North America too. Lemsip and honey alleviated symptoms.
    If anyone's GP has a name for what is going round I'd like to know. At one point I thought this is what a chest infection is, was about to visit GP about possible antibiotics, but it is clearing by itself.

  9. Yep it's vile - hubby has the man-variant of it as well which is making the experience twice as joyful. I nearly keeled over walking the dog this morning as well from it - just feeling wiped out and weak.
    On the plus side - I could make a fortune on dirty phone lines with how husky it's wrecked my voice to be!
  10. It gets on my wick that there's no recognisable named thing between influenza and the common cold. We all know we haven't got flu because we are not almost unconscious in bed unable to move, burning up and feeble for weeks. But on the other hand, a cold lasts for a few days, makes you feel **** for one of them and you carry on regardless.
    When it's neither, people always presume "just a cold".
  11. There's bronchitus or even worse pneumonia. They have length of chronic coughing, but fever too, I don't think I had fever. My friend in USA is about to complete 2 weeks of some similar virus with cough.
  12. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I've got this wonderful bug! Not happy.
    Started by coming down with a brief sore throat on Thursday followed by the most dreadful cold last Friday. I could barely breathe for 3 days. By Sunday, I was coughing up awful (sorry!) green mucus from my chest and having to run to the bathroom to spit it out every 5 minutes.
    Went to see the GP on Monday, who said my lungs sounded clear and it was likely to be upper respiratory if anything. She was loathe to give me anti-biotics, sinces others she'd seen with the same symptoms had said that the anti-biotics hadn't touched it, but it had eventually cleared up on its own. She told to me to wait 7-10 days and if I was still coughing up the green stuff, to use the sample pot she gave to spit some into and come back.
    As it happens, I've still got the productive cough but it's lighter green in the mornings and clear after a couple of hours.
    The cold is still hanging on and my nostrils look as though I've been breathing flames through them! Feel like death warmed up; am intermittently starving, then feeling sick to my stomach. I feel a pain in the back of my ribcage when I breathe deeply and cough.
    Struggled into work, believe it or not, on Tuesday and Weds to be greeted with all manner of shyte being dropped on me from a height, so today I'm staying very firmly at home in bed. Sod 'em. No-one's going to give me a medal for going in.

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