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Upper Primary job with Early Years qualification?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Dermbet, May 16, 2011.

  1. I have the opportunity to take an Early Years PGCE after failing to get on the Primary PGCE course I hoped to. There are no other Primary PGCE options available near where I live.
    Is it going to be a real issue getting work teaching 7-11 year olds with an Early Years QTS? I have experience at EYFS but prefer 7-11.
  2. I know people who have done early years PGCE then ended up teaching KS2 for one reason or another.
    I think as long as you can show in applications why you took early years and how this benefits you as a teacher it will be ok.
    That is of course if you don't fail the PGCE because you don't really want to teach that age group.
  3. Thanks, I've been speaking to teachers about it and they agree it's quite possible to change once u get started. 'm working in Year 2 and F2 now and it's fine.
    I was wondering if it would also be possible to change to the Primary course if ppl drop out of it ??
  4. Freeze!

    Freeze! New commenter

    My honest opinion is don't do it if you really don't want to work in FS.
    The PGCE is just as much about the experience you gain in your chosen key stage and the little tips and techniques you pick up from the teachers and other professionals you work with, not just about getting the QTS.
    It is very possible to adapt to FS if you are focusing on KS1 in PGCE and possible to adapt to KS1 if you do a FS PGCE but it is just that - adapting - you'd be at quite a loss to begin with because it IS different - that's why it's a different key stage. So often we have students struggling as it is who find it tricky to use and apply the National Strategies or the FS document, let alone adapt it to what each particular school needs or wants.
    I did a Primary PGCE and had done experience sessions in schools from when I was in 11, plus deferred my PGCE a for a year after my degree to gain experience as a teaching assistant and still the PGCE was full on. I learnt loads from this experience as well as my PGCE that really stood me in good stead during my NQT year. I have loads of experience now 8 years on, mainly in KS1 which is my first love, and would love to teach Reception and know I'd do a good job, but acknowledge the differences I'd face; a whole new planning document, different assessment criterion, slightly different way of working (I work in a very creative FS based infant school so not that different for me, but still different enough).
    Usually, if anyone drops out they do so at Christmas, and many universities offer places in February - you would of course study Feb to Feb and then work supply or get a temporary job most probrably until the more permanant jobs arose in Sept.
    I think you should consider this as an option - don't underestimate the importance of gathering as much knowledge and experience in your chosen Key Stage as possible in order to have a happy and sucessful NQT year!
    Good luck with whichever route you take :)

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