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Uploading Resources: Understanding the Tes global catalogue

Discussion in 'TES Authors' Group' started by tesAuthorTeam, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Uploading Resources: Understanding the Tes global catalogue

    Fact One: All resources are visible to audiences browsing from all countries.

    Ever since early 2016, the Tes site has operated a global catalogue - this means that all resources are made available to users browsing from all countries. There are no limits on how far and wide your resources may be downloaded and used.

    This global access is not impacted by the country of your upload; no preference is given to either UK or US resources.

    Fact Two: All premium resources must have a price set in a single currency - either GBP or USD.

    A premium resource can have a price set in either GBP or USD. This price is then amended for teachers browsing from different countries, reflecting their local currency based on current exchange rates.

    So, a resource set at £4.50 (GBP) will have a different price in Australian dollars or Euros depending on the current exchange rate. This allows you to sell your resource at the same value around the world.

    It is not currently possible to upload a resource at a set price in any other currency.

    Fact Three: A resource set in GBP will always generate revenue into your GBP balance; a resource set in USD will generate revenue into your USD balance.

    The currency of your earnings is based on the currency in which you set the price: i.e. GBP or USD.

    Your earnings are not based on the currency or location of the buyer. If you uploaded a premium resource and the price was set in GBP, all your earnings will be converted to GBP and added to your GBP seller balance.

    The default upload scenario uploads all of your resources into one currency only (USD if you are based in the US; GBP if you are based outside of the US). This ensures that all of your royalties are collected into one sum and can be withdrawn together as needed.

    Fact Four: Bundles can only be created with resources in the same original currency.

    When you create a bundle, you will see a list of your resources that are part of the same country inventory. Resources uploaded with an original currency of GBP, can only be combined with other GBP resources to create a bundle - this resultant bundle will also be priced in GBP.

    If you have accidentally uploaded resources into a different original currency, these will not be available in your bundle dropdown. This may have happened if you changed your site-country before uploading.

    Fact Five: All resources must be uploaded to either the UK or US.

    In order to manage the pricing (see above) all resources are assigned a single upload country, either UK or US. This cannot be changed after upload.

    If you still have questions about the global catalogue, please email us at authors@tesglobal.com.

    If you uploaded resources prior to January 2016, you may have ‘twinned’ some resources.

    This is part of an old system of displaying resources from 2015, when only US resources were displayed to US customers and GB resources were displayed only to GB customers. Twinning resources in fact resulted in two different resources, one uploaded into the US system and one uploaded into the GB system.

    As of January 2016, all of these resources have been visible equally to GB and US customers (as well as AU, NZ, CA and EU customers, for that matter!). At this point, the process of twinning was removed from the resource uploader.

    We have not removed any existing twinned resources as we didn’t want to undo any of your excellent work, so these still remain - and the only difference between them is the UK / US listing in the dropdown the ‘My Uploads’ section of your author dashboard.
  2. wilkieway

    wilkieway New commenter

    Now I understand how the global market resource selling works a little better. I was concerned the US dollar amount was never growing. I am sure I am not the only person but I have US$4.80 from before the change to the global store. Could it please be converted to UK pounds as it is too small an amount to ever withdraw and will never grow as I upload in pounds sterling.

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