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Uploading open source file formats to the TES website

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by man in chiang mai, May 1, 2012.

  1. I've just scooted over from the Science forum and would like to ask you ICT bods for some advice/opinions.
    I just tried to upload a .ods file to the resource section and it wouldn't work. I contacted TES IT helpdesk and they said those formats aren't supported by TES.
    So I had to convert it to a .xls format (Grrrr...)
    Surely open source file formats should be supported, and not just proprietary file formats.
    Am I being unreasonable to expect this?
  2. I think it's perfectly reasonable, as is the uploading of Zip files. One technique I've used in the past is to rename a file as myResource.renameAs.ods.doc (or similar). A bit of a kludge but at least you get to stick to your principles!
  3. JimShortz

    JimShortz New commenter

    I have to agree. It is almost beyond belief that an organisation such as TES would accept only Microsoft proprietary formats, and completely refuse to accept open standards.

    Wow, how out of touch is that!
  4. Not only are you not being unreasonable, I think that TES is being both unreasonable and flying in the face of exactly what the government wants all organisaions to do - namely to use Open Source where a suitable product exists. This is particularly annoying given that we are here to discuss government ICT / IT teaching policy and TES is making it impossible to load the files that would support that exact policy!
    Might we remind TES that the - and I do mean *THE* - document format primarily established as the Open Source Document Model is the Open Document one that they refuse to accept!
  5. Thanks for the support, I'm glad it's not just me who thinks this.
    I was wondering that if this thread got enough support I could forward it to the IT people at TES to se if it might prompt them into action.
    HappyHippy, your comment about zip files - is this about the fact that you can't upolad those as well? I also tried this and the IT department told me that they don't allow zipped files. I think I assumed at the time that the reason was to do with potential viruses but I wasn't sure. Is that the case?
    I know it was a real pain for me as I had created a periodic table of elements with each element as a different file, so uploading almost 100 files would have been somewhat tedious. I think I'm just going to offer to send it to anyone whos is interested instead.

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