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Uploader not working

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by EC_Resources, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. EC_Resources

    EC_Resources Occasional commenter

    Hi @TES Resource Team, a few of us are having issues trying to use the uploader. It won't go past the first page for me, although others who have tried have recently managed to make it to page two, they still can't get past that.

    It's great that you're working on new things but I think we'd all just like all the issues we've all been reporting that are broken to be mended first please, as this is just a new thing to break and it's broken already.

    Not meant as a moan, just really want the system to work, including the new uploader. We're still getting sales for the wrong prices too that are coming up as 0.00.
  2. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Thanks for letting us know. We have become aware of some teething issues with the new uploader software. While we rectify these we will revert the system back to the previous version. Thank you for your patience as we perfect your new, improved tool.


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