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Upload your resources now and win cinema tickets and a luxury holiday

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by TES_Community, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    Win unlimited cinema tickets for a year

    Share your teaching materials with TES Resources (eg lesson plans, activities, worksheets) during the summer term (June 10th - July 21st) and EVERY DAY we will select one person to win a Cineworld cinema pass for a year.

    We're giving away a grand total of 42 annual cinema tickets, so you really do stand a great chance of winning. Remember, if you don't win the first time try again the next day, and the day after... the more days you upload the more chances you have of winning the tickets.

    Win a luxury holiday

    Plus the contributor who has shared the highest number of teaching materials between June 10 - July 21 will win an amazing luxury, all-expenses paid holiday for 2.
    Find out how to enter now
  2. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Seconded - PLEASE reconsider this: Especially as many great resources have been uploaded prior to these date.

    I've created a series of A-Z of IT. Shall I upload 26 seperate files, or one zipped folder?
  3. Hi all,
    Thanks for the comments - As part of the competition we are looking at the resources that are uploaded to avoid the 'dumping' of low quality onto the site. If we think this is happening we'll discuss with the user directly.
    In our experience users rarely dump onto the site to win a competition - the quality of their resources is visible through the profile page so it's very unusual to see this.
    Quality is such a subjective term - just this week we've looked at how to define a "quality resource" - the answer was a long and winding discussion with no definitive conclusion. When we're talking to contributors (or potential contributors) one issue is that people sometimes feel they can't share a resource because it's not 'perfect'. But sometimes the best resources are those that communicate an idea or a different approach to teaching - rather than giving the complete 'perfect' solution. Many users adapt a downloaded resource before using too.
    We've designed the TES Resources site so that the resource listings show the most popular resources at the top - this isn't a simple mechanism based on star ratings, but quite a complex formula of downloads, views, the number of attachments, favourites etc. We use this to determine the resource's value and what order they should be shown in.
    One option is that we could use this mechanism to determine the winner. i.e. who has uploaded the most 'valuable' resource on a daily basis. The only difficulty here is that it's dependent on daily trends which don't always reflect more consistent usage patterns (even if we do see 250,000 downloads a day at peak). Hence why we came back to a random selection.
    Another way we could determine the winner is an editorial selection - however this is then open to interpretation and could be seen as unfair. Outright usage (i.e. total downloads) isn't an option as the big subjects will always win and other, just as valuable areas, lose out.
    So - given the above - your thoughts of other ways to determine the winner are definitely welcomed!
    Andy - Head of Resources - TES

  4. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    I appreciate it is extremely difficult. I think however that such a decision is going to have to be an 'interpretation', as you say. Any numerical assessment is going to be broken, as is anything regarding votes.
    If the best resource by far is (say) for Latin, it will not be downloaded / voted for a great deal because there's very little Latin taught today.
    Perhaps rather than offer one big prize, could it be split up into smaller prizes (say a weekend break ?),
    TES posters could nominate those resources, and the decision made by TES Editorial staff.
    This might also encourage a steady contribution of resources, rather than a one-off ?

  5. Yes not just a numbers score, perhaps also judge from the kid's viewpoint ... 'best fun/entertaining resource' award or 'most engaging exercise/activity' award. Anything that shows that IT/ICT/Computing is fun[​IMG]. Perhaps an alternative to 'Hidden Gems' one week.
  6. @autismuk - Yep - It is difficult! We took the approach you suggested - so we've been offering free cinema tickets for a year as the smaller daily prize and then the holiday as the overall winner prize.
    The minority categories are always as issue for us in many ways - resources is a "long tail" activity so the core subjects see more usage. We introduced the "recommended" feature a few months ago so our individual subjects advisors could help surface some of the hidden gems in the content bank. We'll be building on that shortly by featuring these recommended resources in email newsletters too.

  7. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

  8. Thanks DEmsley - We will not include you in the draw.
  9. Here is a <a title="Communication Theory">quiz [/URL]that I have developed to assess L3 learners understanding of two key communication theories taught within the Btec National Diploma Health and Social care.

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