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Upload your resources now and win cinema tickets and a luxury holiday

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by TES_Community, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    Win unlimited cinema tickets for a year

    Share your teaching materials with TES Resources (eg lesson plans, activities, worksheets) during the summer term (June 10th - July 21st) and EVERY DAY we will select one person to win a Cineworld cinema pass for a year.

    We're giving away a grand total of 42 annual cinema tickets, so you really do stand a great chance of winning. Remember, if you don't win the first time try again the next day, and the day after... the more days you upload the more chances you have of winning the tickets.

    Win a luxury holiday

    Plus the contributor who has shared the highest number of teaching materials between June 10 - July 21 will win an amazing luxury, all-expenses paid holiday for two.
    Find out how to enter now
  2. I have to say that I have set up a profile and am beginning to share my resources! This is too good to miss out on! I hope you like what I add each day. I am trying to build up a bank of the best ones that I have made.

  3. Good to hear you're uploading away mcs123.
    Good luck with the compo
  4. It says upload everyday until July 21st to win the cineworld passes. But the terms and conditions of the competition says it closes on June 30th. Can you clarify this for me?


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