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update on new, interesting and exciting textiles projects.

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Dressmate, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hi
    We are quite lucky in that we have generally had quite a lot of time for textiles.
    In year 7 we do an intro to textiles where students learn how to thread and use a machine and use an overlocker (- 3 x 140mins lessons) This includes using a number of different stitches and shapes etc and learning to do seams and they create a number of samples which go in their book. Sometimes we finish with an applque picture if time where students basically have to create an under water scene using loads of different materials which we provide and stitches on the machine (including ribbons, braids etc as well as fabrics)
    Then we move onto a full D&M project designing drawstring bags made from either cotton drill, denim or rip stop nylons. They design an image for the front making use of applique and computerised embroidery skills (just lettering) and they make the complete bag so they learn how to cut out smaller pieces of material, how the embroidery machine works, make a casing for the top edge, insert tabs to hold the drawstring, applique on the design, add pockets if they choose to,overlock the pieces, join the front and back and insert a drawstring as well as pressing etc. (6 x 140mins)
    Year 8 - we do cushions but with the theme of food - healthy/unhealthy eating - so they make all sorts of 3D shapes (apples, strawberries, cherries, cakes, slices of cake, coke cans, swiss rolls, bags of crisps, boxes of cereal, packets of biscuits, chicken legs etc etc - the list is endless) they research (products to inspire them + product analysis of actual cushions with this theme) design, make pattern pieces for their 3D object, cut and join materials ( can be difficult when its a cylinder shape) might applique and embroider for details of names and pictures on products, use the sewing machine and stuff and hand sew (9 x 140mins). They love this project - especially the boys as its very individual.
    small year 8 project (9 x 50mins) making mini monsters - good for using up scrap fabrics. again researching designing, and then pattern making and making - could involve hair and ribbons etc.

  2. sorry forgot to say - this is just the lower years - i can write down all of my project ideas if you like.

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