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upcoming pgce interview

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hulyaw, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm preparing for my PGCE primary interview at the Bradford College next week and have been asked to take an object and talk about how I would use it in a lesson. I'm thinking of taking michael rosen's "going on a bear hunt" as it is a very good interactive patterned story. I can link it to KUW, role play, creative curriculum, PE as well as literacy.
    also thought of using a puppet but it is the more obvious choice and i really like the book..
    anybody used this book for the PGCE interview, how did it go? or any other ideas for an object?
  2. At my PGCE interview, I was passed a paperclip (the very large type) and asked how I might use it in a lesson!
    You could take in some kind of artefact or antique. Item can be used to stimulate ideas, imagery, emotions etc, good for poetry. Depends on age group of course.
    Going on a bear hunt is great, but well used in the classroom. Don't want to put you off the idea, but I wouldnt interpret an object as a book, but that's probably just me!
    Good luck whatever you decide!
  3. You could take in a treasured object like a hair brush, teddy, photo etc and use it for the basis of a story. It could become a magical object for a myth or a setting or character for a story. The list is endless! Just an idea!
  4. that is my point, i use puppets a lot in the classroom but it is an obvious one and i want to use something different, got a few options now but haven't decided yet.

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