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Upcoming fairs

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Nezelette, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Forgot to say good luck Sangster [​IMG]
  2. Nezelette

    Nezelette New commenter

    Zokaya, it really depends on the school. Some seem to advertise primarily through Search, but many more also advertise on their website, the IBO website and/or the TES. I find that generally, schools' websites are the most reliable place to find out what vacancies they have (although I have noticed a handful who don't seem to update their websites as often as vacancies come up).
  3. I was contacted by a school and told they wanted to interview me at the fair. Today the job was deleted. Grrr.
  4. Plenty time yet [​IMG]
  5. Eight people went to the Bangkok job fair from my school, 3 couples and 2 singles. Everyone did 4 or more interviews and we were all offered at least one job.
    There were a lot more jobs that I could apply to at this fair than previous fairs I had been to. Schools were definitely hiring this year.

  6. I hope the same is true for London!
  7. Nezelette

    Nezelette New commenter

    I have to say not many of the jobs I had on my list were deleted. I was so worried about it but, if things stay as they are, I will be standing in too many queues to get interviews at the London fair and will have to pick (but the same might not be true of actual job offers, of course!)
    I've also started to get replies from potential employers who had ignored me until the Bangkok fair was over. And a couple of great jobs were added after the fair too.
    No I can't wait for the London fair!
    Sangster, did you accept any of the offers?
  8. The sign-up session was on the Sunday and I found that seeing the jobs on the Saturday was very helpful. We were able to leave notes with some schools that we were interested in on the Saturday and so were able to skip the line at the sign-up for 4 schools. There weren't many long lines this time.
    I accepted a job in Abu Dhabi. I was never really interested in going to the Middle East but liked the job and the package is good. I am very happy and am looking forward to going.
  9. Congratulations sangster2. I'm glad it all worked out for you and hope that the Abu Dhabi job is all you hope it to be. Let's also hope that there are still plenty of jobs left at the end of the month!
  10. Nezelette

    Nezelette New commenter

    Congratulations, sangster! Abu Dhabi is supposed to be lovely.
    Can I ask people what they think of schools that are trying to meet you just before the fair? Is it a good sign (they want to snatch you up before anyone else does) or are they just trying to save the Search fee?
  11. If all the jobs are going in Bangkok at the fairs, what about the ones they advertised on Tesvand said they will short list for interview by Monday, we will just be ignored if they like someone else, or do they keep them waiting?
  12. ceviche

    ceviche New commenter

    I realise now I'm far too late for the January Search fair. What is the one at the end of April like? Is it mostly schools that are desperate to fill positions that for whatever reasons were not filled before? I'm suspecting January is the big one and the April one is for whatever's left over afterwards, but having never been to one I'd really appreciate someone telling me a bit more about these.
  13. I have heard lots about the search fair but little mention of the CIS London event next week (to which I am going)
    Have I backed the wrong horse..? do different fairs have different outcomes..?
    Any info greatly appreciated...!
  14. I did one Skype interview a while before the fair with a school which did not go to Search Bangkok. One school wanted to interview me when the fair was going on but they weren't part of Search and wanted m to travel to them which I wasn't willing to do.
    A friend of mine got a job at a very good school just before one of the fairs last year. She was going to the Cambridge fair but the school only went to the Bangkok and London fairs. Schools are just trying to get their positions filled whichever way they can.
  15. By the way if you are with Search and a school which employs you is also with Search then even if they employ you outside the fair they will still have to pay Search a fee. This is because they probably found out about you, got your references etc through the Search site.
  16. When is the London fair? Not that I'm going, just curious to see how many jobs appear/disappear after.
  17. Nezelette

    Nezelette New commenter

    CIS London is starting tomorrow.
    Search Associates London is next weekend.
    I'm watching the number of jobs melt down before the fair. There are only a couple left for me, amd that's before the CIS fair :(
  18. That's sad to hear Nezelette. I decided not to go to either the CIS or Search fairs because the schools that did have jobs in my subject I wasn't particularly keen on. Perhaps a mistake, perhaps not.
    I have a feeling things may open up a bit after the fairs. I mean as someone said on here, when one person gets a job there will always be a new job going at their previous school. Swings and roundabouts.
  19. How was the CIS fair? Anyone?
  20. Nezelette

    Nezelette New commenter

    Another one of my potential jobs has gone, that's all I know!
    I can't wait for the Search fair now. Only a few days to go.
    Does anyone know if new positions miraculously appear at the start of the fair? It's looking a bit thin on the ground for me...

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