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Up the duff ? autumn baby 2009

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by BillieJoeMacAllister, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. 10 weeks pregnant and live and teach in China. This is my fourth pregnancy, I have one living child, he's 5, but sadly lost the last two pregnancies, one late, one too early soon after. My son was made in Taiwan. Because of my pregnancy history, I haven't told my mum yet. . My mum's coming out the end of March and I don't know whether to go, ‘da daa...' or tell her before. I told my best friend as I'd agreed to be her bridesmaid in August, felt I wouldn't look so radiant dressed as a giant heifer. She needed to know earlier as she's planning and arranging everything, she really chuffed. Had a scan last Friday, all's good, healthy heart and size. Will go to Shanghai the weekend after next for a nuchal scan then at 16 weeks for 4D scan, being extra precautionary. Feel I will say, ‘yeah' at this point. China's private hospitals are fine but quite American, had Pethidine during birth of first son - total space cadet.
    Don't quite know what to add but will come back on to share up-dates as I've told no-one except hubby and boss. I don't live in Taiwan now but on the mainland so have boldly resigned my job as I don't want baby in split pants and be potty trained by one. This is a really hard step for me as I work. Can't quite imagine what life's going to be like, fingers crossed.

  2. * she's really chuffed
    * resigned my job for the next academic year!

  3. * waves to the bumpous!
    Surfing the web and came across Vertbaudet website. The maternity sale is interesting but all odd sizes 8 - 20, so if it fits you, may be a useful link.
    Feel free to post any good sites [​IMG]

  4. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Vertbaudet is great, I am going to get some things soon. Hope you are doing ok.
  5. Shame most of the Vertbaudet sale items aren't in my size though.
    I'm doing o.k., thanks.
    No bgger at work has noticed I'm pregnant which makes my hormones dance around for all the wrong reasons. In my eyes, I'm radiating pregnancy. My waist line has started to change, the internet tells me it's because of bowel distension, nice. After morning sickness and a perpetual state of tiredness, no-one seems to have noticed, boo! I reassure myself that it's because I'm tall.
    We're off to Shanghai this weekend for a nuchal scan which will be reassuring. Hopefully then, I will not need an amniocentesis later, required here as I will be 35 yrs at birth. We'll tell our son after, then greater family.
    What do you think of this basic checklist for the first two months? I got it off the web? Anything missing?
    Car seat
    Cot mattress
    Waterproof mattress cover
    Fitted sheets
    Nappy creams
    Nappy bin
    Socks and scratch mittens
    Breast pump
    Bottles and teats
    Hooded towel
    Baby monitor
    Smoke alarm
    Digital thermometer
    First aid kit - Calpol, Infacol,
    Bedside lamp
    Baby nail clippers
    Baby aspirator
    Baby laundry soap
    Nursing bras
    Breast pads
    Breast shields
    Cream for nipples

    Thanks x
  6. Just an update:
    Back from Shanghai. The obstetrician was pleased with the nuchal scan. We get our blood screening tests (that measure the level of hormones) back in a week. The nurse said at this point we can ask whether I'm carrying a boy or girl which just blew my mind. We'll go back in 10 weeks for a 4D scan to check foetal development which I'm really looking forward too now!
    After the stenographer was happy, we brought our son (5) in to see the screen. We hadn't told him and he was a bit befuddled as to why we had an appointment, he associates shanghai with donuts, dumplings, toyrus, the aquarium and science museum. He really clicked and is overjoyed, said he wanted to give me lots of big kisses. We've asked him not to tell his class till Tuesday as my husband and I work at the same school and want to tell staff Monday. After the appointment, we treated him to toyrus, the science museum and donuts.
    We'll phone home tonight and tell parents. They're all over the place though at the moment. MIL is in Australia, my mum's in Holland, FIL is in England and us in China. We think the optimum time to get them all is 5pm our time, as Australia's 3 hours ahead, Holland's 7 hours back and England's 8 hours back, hope they're in.
    Thanks for letting me off load here. I'm now 11 weeks and 3 days, due on the 17th of September, hope you are all well and enjoying your bumps.

  7. What is that?

    We never used a baby bath - they always had a bath with us, or we sloshed them about in the sink. I couldn't be bothered with a baby bath. I also didn't use a playpen with my first. With my second, I did get one, but his elder brother went in it to play lego.
    Your list doesn't include any sort of moses basket type thing. When they are tiny it is nice to have something smaller and more carryable than a cot - hopefully babe will sleep loads, and in the early days you may want to have him/her a bit closer.

  8. <u> Baby aspirator </u>- removes mucus from your child's nose (you put it in and it sucks out mucus to the astonishment of your baby)
    Yes you're right Mandala - with our son, we used a <u>Samsonite pop-up travel cot </u>within the cot in stead of a Moses basket for the first few months, it is an essential.

    I like the baby bath tub with the sling. When we first brought our son home, bathing was our most daunting task. The sling helped calm us at the beginning when everything's so new.
    (By the bye, we've told family we're up the duff and they're all chuffed to bits. My son told them first on the phone. He said, 'yesterday I got a new engine and his name's Smudger...and mummy's going to have a baby.' Apparently, if it's a boy, we can call him, Stanley, and if it's a girl, we can call her, Stanley, Stan for short)
  9. Hi,
    I bought my first pregnancy treat, Clarins Tonic Body treatment oil. It prevents strech marks, smells nice and is easy to use in the morning after a shower, thought I'd pop a link:
    Clarins oil
    (Shanghai phoned and my bloods came back negative (!?!) Guess that's good, I asked if I was having a boy or a girl and they told me I was having ... can't quite believe it so won't post incase I jinx myself. How can they tell? My husband says it's DNA in the blood but still the mind boggles. I wouldn't trust a travel agent with a hotel booking so I'm not going to trust this either. I will remain sceptical, it is interesting though)

  10. Hi, I hope you dont mind me joining in on your thread!

    I just found out im pregnant and due end of October! Quite scared as it will be my first!
    Told both close sides of the family last night and all seem quite exited! I have learnt so much from this thread already you all sound like experts!
    Thanks for the help so far!

  11. * plumps up cushions and puts out vege-samosas, kiwi fruit, glasses of chilled water and what ever other random craving felt...


    Well come and congratulation! October will be an exciting month for you! You will find lots of great advice here, on the TES pregnancy forum and on the baby centre October birth-club forum. October birth club link is: http://community.babycentre.co.uk/groups/a1288675/october_2009_birth_club
    (All though I don't post on baby centre September birth-club, it's interesting to read!)

    I'm now 13 weeks and 3 days, thankfully all's well! I'm even starting to feel better. My next big date is during 18 - 22 weeks when I'll have the level 2 scan.

    Take care

  12. Thanks for the link, Im all good so far, just feeling the early signs and not really looking forward to the next.. heard some horror stories about morning sickness!
    Glad all is well with you BilliejoeMacAllister, im looking forward to being at your stage especially the scan.
    Did you experience much in the early stages?
    Take care
  13. Thanks for the well wishes, I didn't experience much in the early stages, just slight nausea.
    With my first pregnancy, I couldn't look at dogs; they made me want to heave. I remember seeing out from a taxi window, a dog doing a number 2, then two dogs sh*gging which made me after concentrating so hard not to, puke everywhere.
    Again, my first pregnancy, Egg Mc Muffins made me feel better which is just gross; I put on so much weight. This pregnancy, kiwi fruit seems to do the trick which is much more fortunate.
    Are you experiencing many cravings or bizarre things that cause nausea? Hope you have an uneventful experience!
    Take care,

  14. The only thing I am experiencing at the moment is feeling a little sick when I smell anything that has a strong smell- eg changing the bin or a pupil sprayed perfume in my class and that made me feel ill. My boobs also ache.
    Other than that there have been very little signs so far.
    I have heard that morning sickness is due for me in the next few weeks so not really looking forward to that!
    Hope all is well!
  15. You too!

    We had a successful 18 week scan on Saturday morning. The baby's head measured 18 weeks and 2 days, the femur measure 17 weeks and 5 days and the tummy measured 19 weeks! The heart is healthy, four chambers, all working well, good blood flow. The liver, kidneys, brain and stomach are well. The gender was confirmed and it was right from the 12 week blood tests, amazing! We had such an excellent weekend, the relief and knowledge that the next steps are to enjoy the pregnancy and find a decent birthing centre; all seem a walk in the park! I'm feeling movement now, flutters.
    take care,
    Bobby x
  16. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Hi BJA,
    It's good to hear from you & I am really pleased that your scans have gone well.
    Good luck with all.
  17. Thanks badlyparkedgirl,
    I was so pleased the scan went well too! After 30 minutes and the ultrasonographer and consultant were happy, we called my mum, son and aunt in to the cramped ultrasound room. My mum and aunt cried then stuffed pictures into their handbags. After holidaying here for 3 and half weeks, they flew back to the U.K today and my husband is off on a residential school trip tomorrow so it's going to be a very strange and quiet weekend. My mum plans to come out again in October to help out with my newborn baby, not long to go! Then I plan to go back at Christmas with the family. Hope I can get little one's passport and visa sorted in time.
    Thanks again badlyparkedgirl, take care,
    Bobby x

  18. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    When is your EDD?? My Snuggle Bunny (Prospero - when he is formally introduced) is due 17th September. The choice of name is causing consternation with the in-laws, so this may have to change to something more .. average/normal/not so unusual.
    He is my first baby (although not my first pregnancy) and I am so happy to have a positive outcome. My husband was with me for the scans and tests, but I would have loved to have my mum there too. Seeing the baby move was wonderful.
    Good luck with the Chinese visa?!! Does the baby get dual nationality or does it inherit yours??!!
  19. Hi Badlyparkedgirl,
    Lovely you hear from you again. I missed your post and thought this thread had sunk... My expected due date is the same as yours, 17th of September! We definately had a good Christmas ! I love the name prospero! One of my favourite films is Peter Greenaway's Prospero's Book. It's Shakespeare's tempest, isn't it? I like the name Harris but my mum's not too sure because of Harris Tweed. Other than that Eughan or Samuel&lsquo;s good but I'm sort of getting stuck. With our first son, my husband and I made a list each, swapped lists then crossed each others least favourite out which proved useful because I was able to get rid of the name Elvis.
    So sorry about your previous loss. Grief is incredibly powerful and unfortunately only time truly heals. It's great and hard being pregnant again because you're filled with what ifs and if onlys and ultimately what is. Glad to hear this pregnancy is progressing well. Great that the scan went so positively. I agree, seeing the baby move is wonderful.
    Chinese visas, I don't want dual nationality as I don't want them being called up for national service or being drafted into something awful We have 30 days to register then we send off the birth certificate and get a birth certificate from London (only paid in sterling by cheque). Passport will be issued in Hong Kong, then visa will be applied for ... hope we make it home in time for Christmas! I will not buy tickets and hope for a decent last minute deal!
    Take care and much happiness xx


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