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Up and down like a YoYo

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Ellzish, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Dear TES peoples
    I am on DT BSC QTS and in my placement year. Ive started BP2 after so much confidence and positivity from BP1. I am finding this placement so hard that I've even recieved a C4C and still on it after my first review. My uni and school are supportive, I just cant seem to get motivated and understand what they are saying. I'm trying so so hard and i get so emotional all of the time. Last week I was reluctant to go back.
    Im finding it difficult to hold down a part time job and uni assignments with noisy flatmates.
    I really want to teach, I have the enthusiam and have done for a long time.
    Has anybody got any motivation strategies to help? and even advice as I dont know whether to apply for jobs if I have a C4C.. and what to do and what will happen if i fail.

  2. Just so you know I have been feeling EXACTLY the same this past week. Whilst not given a grade four, I was told by my mentor that currently I'm only at a 3 (satisfactory) level.

    After being give good feedback from my first placement, I found my second to be incredibly challenging and due to having a bad start with my classes got into a cycle of bad lesson- me feeling rubbish and confidence knocked- another bad lesson.

    Yesterday evening after having had a meeting with my curriculum mentor I was ready to quit. But, after speaking (and crying) to family, my mentor and the other teachers.

    All I can say is, keep the dialogue going. Maybe see if you can observe some more lessons or team teach some of them.

    You say you enjoy teaching and have the enthusiasm, just make sure it shows through in your lessons. (The biggest problem I was having too).

    Yes, it is difficult and extremely frustrating, but you clearly want to carry on and there's only really a few more weeks to go!

    I'm not sure if what I've said will be of a source of comfort, but sometimes it helps to know other people are in a similar position and you're not the only one.

    Keep pushing and good luck. :)

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