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Unwelcome return from ML

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by DaisysLot, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Firstly - I think you come across as reasonable and I totally understand how you feel, but some of this may be heightened by hormones :) Secondly, I had a very similar situation with a late night event that was not on the calendar when I returned from maternity leave too - My baby was then only 17 weeks old and I was breast feeding. At first I asked the head permission to be excused and was met with "You need to sort your childcare out" as a response. So, I then tackled it by pointing out it was unreasonable to direct me for such an event at short notice - that didn't go down well either. So I called in the union and asked them to put the stance in writing..... It was a pointless and unpleasant event that as a still hormonal new mother made me feel very much as you do. Hang in there. Much of this will pass as you settle back in and then, like me, in a year or two you will probably look back at yourself and cringe at the things you cried about :)
  2. Thanks for the responses.

    I am in two minds about staying on/in teaching. I'm fed up with feeling like it is wrong to be a parent and working full time. I do my best to support everyone in my department even helping out with marking for some teachers who were behind. It all seems like a one way street at the moment, in my eyes, and according to my closest colleague there's a lot of "watch your back and perform like a monkey and show off or you'll risk being placed under 'watch'"( recently converted to academy). Every time I do something for the department that should've been done by someone else, albeit begrudgingly, I always tell myself it's ultimately for the students and this is what keeps me going, but how long can I keep this up for?

    I don't want to go next week out of principle and also because I won't be able to find childcare short of bringing the kids with me; but then I don't want to be in the bad books because I've not made the super humongous effort to go. I will be noticed if I don't go, at all events a register is taken!!!

    I'm Not even looking forward to September. I know I Have a crud timetable already. Limited exam classes and mostly KS3 (prob bottom sets too).

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