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Unusual Surname?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by SD_Lickiss, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    As you can see from my username I have a rather odd surname (Lickiss), which personally I am quite proud of, however, there are endless ways in which to bastardise it...some of the more colourful ones are not suitable for this forum. I'm sure you can think of a few...I've heard them all!

    Anyway, I'm slightly concerned about it. I don't want to have to deal with any name calling aimed towards me. So far I've not had any problems since my placement school is very nice and the children are too polite for that and the other school that I work at has my mother as deputy head, which works in my favour.

    I'm starting a new job this August as an LSA and I was toying with the idea of taking my mother's maiden name (Connolly) as my professional name. Have any of you done this or know anyone who has? Is it a good idea or should I just not bother?
  2. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    I work with someone with a rather unusual surname, which I am not going to share here. Hers is also bastardisable. She simply introduces herself to each class that she meets, tells them they have 10 seconds to get over it, and after that, any problems will be met with detention. She rarely has any further problems.
    I did once hear someone refer to her in a very derogatory way as "Miss Bumfluff" (a rude version of her name)- quick as a flash she replied "It's MRS Bumfluff actually", which shut them up nicely.
    Any name calling should be dealt with in a professional manner. Were I your mentor, I would make sure that you knew that I would fully support you in sanctioning anyone who stepped across the line.
  3. Unusual surnames in part depend on where you come from and your cultural heritage. In general pupils will try it on with any name and if your react and keep reacting then they keep on going.
    Often 'reverse' psychology works in classes - they try to wind you up with a variation on your name - if you don't react or even say that their efffort was actually quite pathetic and unimaginative - a sort of 'is that the sbest you can do?' type response they quickly give up - it can backfire in that they see it as a challenge - but often the 'no-response' ' doesn't bother me' reaction works well.
  4. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    It's up to you, really - if you find it worries you, go ahead and change your name as you've suggested you might.
    I can think of nothing worse than providing pupils with an easy stick with which they can beat you every, single lesson and do understand your concerns.
  5. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Change your name unless you want aggro. Teaching is difficult enough without the added burden of a free pot shot at your expense. I said the same to Drew Peacock!
  6. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I don't use my surname for teaching. If children want to give me a nickname they can work harder than just using another version of my name.... And I've seen the hell that my poor son has had to endure because of that name. He took the decision not to change his name when he went up to secondary school and bitterly regrets it.

    I never worked using my married name - too complicated letting everyone in my former world know that I was the same person etc., so in someways it feels natural to me to use my maiden name for work. And it gives me a little bit of anonymity when I am in a school in a fairly lowly populated rural area where everyone seems to know everyone else's business!
  7. Thanks for all the replies.

    First of all, an idiot question...how do I change my username? I've changed my profile name but not my username...do I just need to delete this account and create a new one? Probably a good idea overall. It is true to say that within the teaching world it is just me and my parents. I already had an issue where one of my mother's students added me on Facebook after I was asked to do some cricket coaching and it suddenly dawned on me how easy it was to tack me down. Incidentally my Facebook settings are all at maximum privacy and I didn't accept this friend request.

    I went on a field trip yesterday with a year 3 class and it went fine but I was called all kinds of random variants on my name - not vindictive ones at all but just some of the students struggled to remember what it actually was...! This is despite having worked in this school for nearly two terms now!

    I'll give it some more thought and I'll definitely be changing my username (when I work out how). I'm doing a bit of extra work experience in inner city Hull in July in quite a rough school. Basically I've only really got experience in working in nice schools where behaviour isn't that much of an issue and I want to experience the other end of the scale. Although my surname does actually come from Hull (where my Dad is from) it's still not common so I'll probably change it for that.

    But thanks again for all the advice and replies, most appreciated!
  8. I also have the same issue with a readily identifable username! This is how to change it:

    'Is it possible to change my username?
    To change your existing username, send us an email at help@tes.co.uk with your new name. You must also write to us from your registered email address and quote your current username. Please note that if you change your username any messages or resources that you’ve published on the site will automatically appear with your new username.'
    I will be changing mine as soon as I get home from work and can access my email!
  9. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter

    I have to agree with paulpav re:
    Children may or maynot take the *** out of your name, but ultimately they need to be taught that it is not acceptable and to show a little respect.

    I also liked the other person's idea of introducing yourself and saying "yes, funny name...get over it and let's move on."
    ...showing that you also have a sense of humour about it will make it less enticing for the kids to harp on about it...it's not funny if you've heard all the variations before.

    Ultimately if they continue to abuse you about your name they should be punished.

    ...but try to teach them to respect you and your name.

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