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Unsure whether to train in Scotland or England (Primary)

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Doxy, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Hi Star,
    I would probably recommend waiting until you are ready to settle here before starting a PGDE in Scotland. The reason for this is that due to the current job situation which doesn't look like it will change soon I think you would stand a better chance or securing work when you are still known to schools through your placements and are up to date with all the latest developments in education here. I know of many people who have trained in Scotland then moved away and have found it difficult to break back into the job market after being away. You can't underestimate the importance of building up contacts when it comes to finding work.
    As the education systems are different in Scotland and England I would definately recommend training here if it is here that you see yourself settling here as this could make it very difficult to secure a permanent job here. As for the probationary period I think you would need to complete that in Scotland through supply work and I have an English friend who managed to do this and it didn't present much of a problem.
    As far as I know you cannot acquire a specialism while studying a PGDE in Scotland but I might be wrong. I certainly don't think it was available when I trained in Glasgow. Also I would think that as long as you have some school experience and show that you have done some research into the Scottish education system I don't think the fact that you haven't worked in a school here should present too much of a problem especially as you seem to have had plenty of experience working with young people.
    Certainly from what I've heard if you wanted to settle down into a permanent post quickly you would be better off training and applying for jobs in England. Jobs are hard to come by here at the moment but that's not to say that there aren't any or that no one finds permanent jobs. Myself and the other probationer from my primary school last year both found permanent jobs pretty much right away so don't be put off by all the negative stuff on the forums.

    Hope some of this is useful, good luck!
  2. Hi everyone....
    Thanks for the responses - it has made things clearer as there is only so much information you can get from a generic website which doesn't understand your personal circumstances! I think I certainly am very much leaning towards staying in Scotland to do it which suits me in my personal life much better but I wasn't sure how it would sit in the general future/employment world.
    I'm working in a school at the moment in England as a TA and I spoke to the deputy head today who basically said that although he had no direct experience with the Scottish system, he felt that the method in which teachers were taught and the curriculum up there was much better than in England.
    Mustbecrazy - that's interesting to know about the probationary period, so despite paying tuition fees I would still be classed as a home student in terms of the guarenteed post for a year? That's really good to know! It's so annoying that I don't just qualify as a Scottish student anyway given that I'll have lived in Scotland for 4 years anyway by that point! How has it been finding a job for September?
    Also... I was just wondering how it would be taken if I went outwith the UK for some years then came back home? I'm planning on working in Scotland (or England, depending on jobs) for a few years to get some money together and then moving into TEFL/getting a teaching job abroad in the NGO sector, before coming back to the UK when I'm older and have got kids of my own to deal with!

  3. Hi Star,

    I'm English and I'm currently studying for a PGDE (Primary) in Glasgow. I have only lived in Scotland for 18 months, yet my tuition fees are paid by SAAS. I'm sure you would be eligible too. You should give them a ring to find out for sure.
    Good luck,

  4. Hi,
    I did my primary PGCE in England and had no trouble either registering with the GTCS or finding work up here once I was registered. I'm not sure whether this would work the other way round however ie if I'd trained in Scotland and then looked for work south of the border. Job wise however, there is definitely more work available in England at the moment.
    Hope this helps.
  5. missmunchie

    missmunchie Occasional commenter

    I did my PGCE (Secondary) at Edinburgh, if you love Edinburgh and want to stay there then go for it! I worked in Scotland for 2 years and then moved abroad. I'm used to the english system now but you are at an advantage in that you were brought up in the english system so it will be familiar to you anyway. I agreee with everyone here, train in Scotland as it qualifies you to teach in England.
  6. Contact your English LEA as they might fund your PGDE in Scotland. I grew up in the South of England but studied at University of Dundee for my degree and my PGDE and it was funded by my LEA because I did it straight after my undergraduate degree. SAAS will tell you to contact your LEA first but will probably fund you if your LEA will not fund you. That was the advice SAAS gave me.
    I was able to enrol in the probation scheme after I completed my PGDE. I did my probation year and I still teach in Scotland now. You can also do the alternative route to complete probation, I know people who did this so they could work part time.
    If you are going to apply for Scottish courses then try to get some experience in Scottish schools. I emailed all the local schools and asked if I could observe and managed to get some odd days that way. I had classroom experience from England and Scotland and found that this was beneficial to my application and they asked me about it in my interview.
    Hope that helps. [​IMG]

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