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Unqualified Teachers

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by RevBev, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. A friend of mine recently attended an interview with a GTP training college - she was the only one out of 7 interviewees who was not already working as an unqualified teacher (she is a cover supervisor, finishing her degree).
    Over on the CS forum it is clear that supply teachers consider CSs are taking away supply jobs even though they are not actually teaching.
    What is your view on unqualified teachers, who are earning minimally more than CSs, but who are actually employed in the classroom to teach, mark, assess etc.? Given that they do not appear to be a rarity in school, are they a worse menace than a CS?
  2. I could not bother wasting my time to comment on the above.
  3. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Ah! but you did geffone by replying.
    OOPS so have I now [​IMG]

  4. Unqualified teachers are legally allowed to teach when there are no qualified teachers available but when I see adverts aimed specifically at such staff rather than teachers I have to wonder whether schools are taking notice of such legal restrictions.
    But cover supervisors and teaching assistants are being allowed to teach for long periods where it is only guidelines that say that head teachers have to take account of the proportion of time that children are without a qualified teacher.
    However unqualified teachers at least have to pay a registration fee to the GTC in order to be allowed to teach just like all qualified teachers. But all the support staff who are required to teach do not have to register with the GTC and so do not have to pay the GTC fee.
    Compare this with all those supply teachers who have to pay the GTC fees but find it extremely difficult to get work because they are being replaced by fee paying unqualified teachers and non fee paying support staff.
  5. Warwickshire is extremely bad for this sort of thing. The north of that county is very poorly run with some 'challenging' schools (staff wise).
  6. Why not?
  7. There is so much utter nonsense and morally corrupt thinking about the use of unqualified staff in our classrooms!
    Let's keep it simple for those with pea-sized, corrupted brains:
    Only fully qualified, GTCE registered, ideally with subject specific PGCEs and QTS should be employed as teachers in the nation's secondary schools.
    The CS role is a fake job, a fake role and should never, ever have been concocted by the last government and Mr Gove should be enacting legislation to prevent any unqualified person whatever the job title from teaching in the classroom immediately!!!
    One wonders how he can sleep every night with such dimwitted hypocrisy
  8. I would not have bothered even answering the RevBev other than with a smiley and a hint that the RevBev is up for a bit of flaming.
    So from my personal view RevBev just go away.
  9. ...well, it certainly got my goat
    ...bloody cheek, even thinking that unqualified teachers are a good idea. Seems like the OP should visit another planet!!
  10. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    No, of course not. Why would anyone think that?

  11. Utterly corrupt to advertise for non-jobs! Total frauds...

  12. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    I think I may have made this comment before, but isn't 'unqualified teacher' an oxymoron?
  13. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    Does that include Overseas Trained teachers? A teacher in every respect (in their home country) but no PGCE here?
  14. I have no time for this RevBev CS. Posts on the CS forum and makes comments about disgruntled teachers whatever description. Then starts posting on the supply teachers forum to stir us up RevBev stick with your Cs forum.
    Forgetting of course that unfortuntately for us supply we have to be CS's sometimes.
  15. A few questions for ReVBeV, the cover supervisor supremo:
    Are you actually a qualified teacher or passing yourself off as one?
    are you an unemployed qualified teacher i.e. with QTS desperate for
    Why don't you stack shelves? Been there, done that.
    I am no FAKE teacher bluffing my way in a classroom like the impostor that you are.
    How could you con and fake your way in the classroom?
    Have you no respect for pupils who deserve properly qualified' registered teachers?
    Why do you have to behave in such a fraudulent, morally corrupt way?
    Why are you mocking "qualified teacher status", QTS?
    Do you actually enjoy abusing the right of every child to be taught properly by a properly qualified and registered teacher?
    Why are you disrespecting, devaluing and undermining professional teacher training?

  16. ...hello, well Pedigree, it seems there are a few Imposters on here, namely this RevBev, boy I would like to meet you....
    ...there is also some chappie called Axoltman...or something like that...on another thread.
    ...LOOK HERE.....if as Pedigre is quite rightly saying you dont like what is being said about the use of CSs/TAs etc in classrooms then I suggest taking up another career...Oh wait a mo, you already have a career.....taking jobs away from qualified teachers.
    ....is it any wonder supply are ANGRY!!
  17. Hello nina,
    "Got no home, got no..." as the song goes...but have got fight and here's another message for that RevBev, the indispensable? cover supervisor,
    Cover supervisor= fake job, fake role, totally unnecessary and should
    never have been devised. Parasites on the public purse, deluding all and
    abusing the rights of pupils [children] to a proper education by properly
    registered, fully trained and experienced teachers.
    Read, read and read again just feel the hate and animosity for............???????? the:
    Cover supervisor= fake job, fake role, totally unnecessary and should
    never have been devised. Parasites on the public purse, deluding all and
    abusing the rights of pupils to a proper education by properly
    registered, fully trained and experienced teachers.
  18. ...Ditto Pedigree...As I stated earlier, CSs are a disease promoted by the schools thinking they are saving money...what utter tosh
    ....for goodness sake, give pupils the education they deserve...not foister upon them inadequate personnel such CSs/TAs who just dont have a clue.
    ...for any CS/TA out there...what makes you think you can do the job of a teacher...or is it you feel obliged when the school asks you to step in knowing you are out of your depth???
    ...come on CSs/TAs tell me, what goes through your mind? Do you not feel that you are shortchanging the kids??
  19. To all responsible for the employment of all manner of UNQUALIFIED people as teachers in our schools:
    Why do you mock QTS, the professional status of teachers and abuse the educational rights of all pupils to be properly taught by professionally qualified and fully registered teachers? WHY????????????


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