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Unprofessional conduct... Asked to lie in an Ofsted inspection.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by cleproy, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Until
    recently I worked in an FE college and have worked under an unbelievable SMT.
    On of the senior directors has been asking staff to fraudulently asking staff
    to claim certification and achievement for some students that have not
    completed their studies. Thus improving his success rates against other
    departments to look good to the governors. As well as this he has been ordering
    equipment from his department’s budget and then taking this off site to work on
    the principal’s house! This has been a common occurrence for this director and
    for whatever reason he has not been disciplined much to the amazement of every
    member of staff in the establishment. Recently there was a consultant in the
    college who came across all of this and reported it to the powers that be.
    Needless to say the consultant was asked to clear his desk and not come back
    the next day. Most recently he sent an email he txt a colleague
    and asked her to just sign off some work that had not been completed and that
    he would pay for a training course she wanted to go on form his departments
    budget. This is wrong but the man is
    still there and the governors wont do anything about him!!!

  2. We have been co-erced into telling 'lies' ever since the GCSE came in, bringing with it coursework. How many times have we, as teachers, been asked to 'see if we can help X improve his/her coursework? If X has not got the ability, aptitude or the willingness to do it himself, then the only choice is to, in some way or other, 'do it for him'. If we did not do this, X would fail, our results would go down and we would be blamed. As far as coursework goes, I do not think the students have much to do with it.
    For a while, my school did GNVQs for the 'less able' students, which were almost completely assignment and coursework based. As nearly 100% pass rate was expected, coursework was 'massaged' to say the least. No wonder these courses were not seen as the equivalent of GCE and A level.
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  3. Belthazor

    Belthazor New commenter

    You shouldn't even be observed outside your subject specialism. What the vice principle did was wrong and illegal.
  4. I respect you for telling the truth
  5. The whole Ofsted process is a lie and a facade so I am not surprised at the lengths senior managers will go to manipulate data, information, records and practices .......... what really sticks in the throat is the fact that the HMI's 'know' the game since they play it or have played it themselves ..... Bottom line the HMI's do it for the money, senior managers do it for the money and the result equals no perceivable improvement in student achievement since the quango was set-up. The biggest change, which has developed since the establishment of Ofsted is the amount of useless bureaucratic work shovelled down from on high with no question as to the efficacy of any request ...... As each academic year passes the student becomes less and less important, indeed, it would seem their primary function now is that of 'a unit of monetary value'.

    The experience which began this discussion, whilst traumatic for the individual is the tip of the iceberg ......... I have worked in several institutions and I have observed and experienced practices in every one of them where senior managers have lied, bullied, manipulated, blamed and stolen in order to protect themselves ...... and I bet very many in the profession could say the same.

    What a very sad state of affairs we find ourselves in ......... the real victims = the students.
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  6. This sounds terribly familiar. The school that I last taught at got involved in a lot of 'jiggery-pokery' where coursework was concerned. Staff were expected to use their lunch breaks to 'help' students achieve their predicted grades on coursework by providing one-to-one assistance. Mercifully the draft/ redraft treadmill has been removed with the advent of the new-look GCSEs but, no doubt, there will be pressure put upon staff to provide frameworks for the timed work components of the new courses.

    I maintained that I needed a proper lunch break so continued my usual practice of eating sandwiches in the staff room (something that used to be encouraged when SLT was SMT!). I offered a weekly 'catch up' session after school for my students. I was no longer viewed as a team player in the department. I went off for a few weeks with an injury (non school-related), and returned to some truly awful treatment. My HOD would not speak to me and, when I arranged meetings with other staff members to bring me up-to-date with what was happening with my classes, I was told by each colleague that another member of staff needed to be present to take 'notes'. At the beginning of a staff meeting, a colleague handed me a piece of paper which she said were the 'minutes' of our meeting earlier in the day. I was really confused and upset by this time... I had already been given minutes of an earlier meeting she had sat in on. It turned out that she had minuted an informal conversation we had had in the staff room!!

    I went straight to the Head Teacher and my Union...
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  7. Outragous!!! How dare you justify SLT being corrupt! Go find a job in finance and the leave the teaching to those of us who actually care about the children!

  8. It's amazing what Headteachers are taught on their quakification course!
  9. Absolutely horrific! How can such a situation occur? I hope your union supported you and you were compensated for this catastrophe!
    The most unprofessional situation I have been put in was when I was in my probationary year (yes, I am that old and was teaching before NQT, National Curriculum etc etc!) and was given a student on her Teaching Practice!!! Apparently no other teacher in the school agreed to have a student in their class and I was too young and inexperienced to realise that this was a great example of the blind leading the blind!!!
  10. Having read through many of the posts/comments - ony one thing surprises me. The fact that anyone )a teacher) on here could be in the remotest sense even possibly surprised by this. Either the asking to lie or the bullying, vindictive and corrupt behaviour of SMT. It is rife in almost every school I have any knowledge of. It is particularly problematic in faith schools where there is - shall we say - papal influence. Make someone an executive head and give them a couple of schools to bully and watch it increase further! Headteachers views of reasonable/unreasonable are often very different from what should be reality. They are all to often backed to the hilt by similarly corrupt or else cowardly 'yes men' governors.
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  11. I truly believe that the Government should stop OFSTED inspecitions with notice and instead introduce spot inspections...like a mystery shopper.
    On my first placement, in a horrible department, where I was bullied by the HOD to the extent that my tutor advised me to get a sick note for my injuries which prevented me from walking from one end of the school to the other in 5 minutes. On the last day, I was told by the HOD to photocopy all my lesson plans and resources....no other placement teacher was asked by their departments. I was not allowed to discipline the students and if I set work the teacher was bullying me...one day he did it right in front of a full class.
    I was extremely stressed out during this placement and would often be found sitting outside my house with the kids still in the car waiting for my husband to come home so that I could go to my friends to share my troubles. fortunately for me, my 2nd placement was a lot better and if it had not been for them, I would have given up teaching!
    When I was an NQT at my 1st school, we had an inspection...I had prepared all my lesson plans (which were very detailed...the LEA person was very impressed). a few days before the inspection, the deputy head told me that I had to redo my lesson plans on the school format...the LEA person was not impressed with this when she heard and she told me to staple my lesson plans on the back and explain what happened.
    The school was actually in special measures at this time and when we had the inspection, I got Good, Very Good and satisfactory for the lessons observed. The reason for the satisfactory - I was told to change my lesson and run it according to the NC instructions, for which I said I would lose the students at that point. When the inspector spoke to me after the lesson, he asked why I had done the lesson that way...he said that up to that point, I was on a very good but because I lost the whole class, he had to put me as satisfactory and said in future, do what you think is right...you will be a good teacher when you qualify! Turns out that I was the only teacher in the department to get a good/very good! This was an NQT against experienced teachers and the HOD!
    I was bullied by the head....told me I was a good teacher and in the same breath telling me that I should not be at work as not well. After a very disturbing meeting, put in a grievance and then kissed my career goodbye as trumped up accusations and placed oninformal capability after one observation - can't really talk about what happened yet for obvious reasons. Then put onto formal capabilities, then two days later, called in and told being made redundant.
    I was very mad and destroyed every resource that was in the classroom - if they did not have them elsewhere, they would have to reprint them and spend the money they said they did not have to keep me on...I am glad I am out of that school but have no idea what will happen when I need a reference as did not go on good terms as grievance escalated somewhat.
    Giving spot observations will certainly keep the lying toads on their feet...I knew teachers who never did any lesson plans until the inspection week! They would then be on everyone's back getting them to do the work that they should have done.
    Just be glad that you told the truth and can hang your head up high.
    The Government should have a Teacher Crimestopper hotline, so that teachers can dob in those who treat others like this and deviate from the norm at inspection time...bring on mystery teachers...could have them as prospective parents....often would like to do that at my old school just to see what is happening in my department now...I know one thing though...we had over 60% passrate for the GCSE and after I left...this went down very quickly and now the last inspection, subject was severely critisised...thats what happens when a HOD runs the department and does not understand the coursework! Never mind...their loss.
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  12. Henriettawasp

    Henriettawasp New commenter

    Actually, I think this is a great idea. The only problem being that the inspector would be rumbled as soon as they demanded to be shown a class they were being steered away from rather than meekly following the normal itinerary like 'normal' prospective parents. [​IMG]
  13. At a private college for international students a member of staff called me to the door - thankfully I went out to speak to them and closed the door behind me.

    I was told I could send the students home if I wanted because there was alcohol in the kitchen.
  14. Beware! Not true! I know of schools who were under the illusion that this promise would be kept but got an inspection this autumn, only a ouple of years after the last.
  15. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Bird used to be used about men, as did babe and love! But I guess another scandal is that there are people who are more worried about things that don't matter than things that do; unfortunately once we started caring more about what Ofsted thought than what would help the children, such scandals became inevitable...
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  16. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Suppose it could have been worse-you could have been told to share it with them.
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  17. palmtree100

    palmtree100 Lead commenter

    Well exactly.
    And when staff are brought in from other schools, surely a click on the staff list on the school website would suffice?
    Surely it would be obvious that the teacher didn't know the kids' names?
  18. palmtree100

    palmtree100 Lead commenter

    I have often thought this too. See how the school really is. The best schools would have little to worry about.
  19. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    Um....this thread (until yesterday) was from October 2011?! I'm not sure why ?! it was resurrected?;)
  20. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    They've been deleting history of 2016 from all records and things like this are bound to happen.
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