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Unpopular, moi?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Lilyofthefield, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. We had a meeting. We were told that one of our new kids had a medical condition that required prompt medical attention. If he displayed warning signs we were to contact a first aider. Our school nurse was made redundant, an unpopular move. I asked "Who actually are out first aiders now?" Four pairs of beady SMT eyes glared at me as if I had accused them of bumping the nurse off and hiding her body.
    A room that has had various functions has been tarted up as an SMT lounge. One of its functions used to be as an exam room for children requiring readers or EAL assistance. During this meeting I asked where these children would take their exams (in two weeks) as there wasn't a large enough room left. More glaring.
    The lift has packed up. There is no money to repair it. It doesn't matter apparently because we have no physically disabled children. We do however have two members of staff who have had recent orthopaedic operations and who work upstairs. I asked what arrangements there were for them (enlightened self interest as my arthritic knee is giving me periodic gip). Am I intending to pickpickpick for the whole meeting?
    And then my final piece de resistance, a Freudian slip of hideous proportions: we have an acting HT (not a very good act if you ask me). The interviews for the job are coming up. In his hearing "......blah blah blah, until the new Head starts...."
    Gimlet eyes boring through me. I might need a reference soon. I am screwed.
  2. Lily, set up a "free school". I'll work for you!
  3. sparklyeyes

    sparklyeyes New commenter

  4. Oh, reading this made my day.
    Long live Lily. I should get you to write my memoirs.
    Our CEO's idea is : take two half time jobs, make one out of them. As a half time job. He is such an intellectual guy, you know.
  5. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Lily - You and I should start a double act....

    At the end of the academic year I was spanked for not having put 'predicted grades' on the reports for year 9 students, hence holding up the reporting system as I had failed to complete the information required..... When I queried this, pointing out that there was little point in my predicting what grades students not taking my subject as an option would get the data manager then came back to me to tell me that that column of the report was a mistake and shouldn't have been there..... It seems all other teachers were quite happy to 'predict' what x student who would never, ever take x subject again *might* get in the future..... dear oh dear. Curiously, no one apologised to me for giving me the spanking.....
  6. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    love it [*]
  7. Lily - you sound like the person who is needed in every workplace. Someone who is prepared to stand up and say it like it is - instead of moaning out of ear shot of management like most people.
    Good on ya.
  8. I recently said I didn't feel valued at a meeting. Another staff member had a major go at me. Silent treatment and in all probability no job so not really a clever move.
  9. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

  10. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I've done that too!...and no it didn't seem that clever to me either! (In my defence I did feel less than valued...I had recently been told by my line manager that the reason I couldn't control one of the lads in my class was because the boy in question 'responded best to young attractive women and let's face it beth you're neither that young nor particularly attractive are you!')

    After a very long boring and thoroughly pointless 'Consultation Day' (SMT basically told us about all the 'dynamic' changes they were bringing in - including using new paperwork starting tomorrow so you'll have to copy all your lesson plans into the new format by then!)...the leader asked 'Any Questions?'....I muttered 'Any Point?' just loud enough for the whole room to hear clearly.
  11. so -
    do you have any first aiders?
    where are the eal kids going to take there exams?
    how are the staff going to get upstairs? (and if a kid with a wheelchair does sucddenly apply yo the school?)
    lily - go into politics - we'll all vote for you

  12. the reason I couldn't control one of the lads in my class was because the boy in question 'responded best to young attractive women and let's face it beth you're neither that young nor particularly attractive are you!')
    Good God!!!! And you didn't punch them? I'd have taken a month off sick for the injury to my self-esteem!
    We have a first-aider - the site supervisor. Not round much, certainly not in one place. The DT teacher has a first-aid qualification (so do I but they don't need to know that). The HoY are going to be sent on a course. Sometime.
    The problem with the exam room will be sorted out "nearer the time" and I hereby bet my pension that come the morning of the first exam, it will not have been sorted.
    The staff have thus far crippled about on their crutches because let's face it, we are all just a big bunch of mugs.
    Honestly, I wasn't being arsy at the meeting. It was a straightforward, pleasantly-expressed request for information, but such is the definition of "meeting" at our school that the public forum is not a two-way exchange of information or views, it's just a frigging monologue. If you want to know something, send them an email so they aren't embarrassed by knowing sod all.
  13. But...but..but..schools used to be FULL of subversives like Lily in the good old days...[​IMG]
    We had Unions full of militant lefties (OK...an exaggeration) but full of right-on types who just wouldn't shut up if we were being sh.at upon from a great height...which we often were - although it's been MUCH worse of late.
    The old brigade tended to be the ones who nipped out at any opportunity for a crafty fag and would be the ones organising the Friday lunch sessions down the pub. (In the days when it was OK for teachers to breath alcohol fumes over kids.We all sucked Extra Strong Mints. They were none the wiser..It wasn't against the rules then.) They did tend to be fantastic teachers though, quite inspirational with kids (in the days when you were allowed to be) and when they spoke up SMT tended to listen, because they were very bright and usually right.
    Now many mealy-mouthed fast-tracked SMT ride rough-shod over everyone with their tick-boxes and targets. Sadly, the newest generation of teachers accept that tick boxes and targets are what it's all about. They scuttle around doing everything they are asked, because after all, performance management is key too. It's a different, sorrier world. [​IMG]
    It's so sad.
    Good on yer for speaking up Lily. Yes, your card will most definitely be marked now, but sod them. I too felt as though I was picking holes in arguments with line managers at my last place. That honestly wasn't my intention. I just wanted answers to pertinent questions... and I was older than most SLT, so although one in particular was snide and completely unprofessional, I went ahead and asked. It was almost like I was trying to hijack his all singing and dancing (c.rap) schemes. I honestly didn't care what he introduced...I just wanted to make sure my part of the school area ran smoothly and properly. Silly me.
    No chickening out now Lily. It's <u>eye contact all the way</u> with the unthinking ones. Scare 'em. [​IMG]
  14. Gawd. Another Americanism! Fight it all the way. Call it the STAFF ROOM for top brass, w.ankers, whatever. Just don't adopt LOUNGE! Cringe! American teachers have staff lounges. Puke.
    Please, please people...fight it.

  15. OMG Beth! That is DISGRACEFUL!
    Lily...why did you start this thread?? I am spitting feathers and I don't even teach any more! :)

    Good girl. *recruits Bethannie to subversive teachers flying squad.*
  16. I don't believe this happened. [​IMG]
  17. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Oh the irony that we encourage students to 'ask questions' and be 'independent thinkers' but god forbid a teacher that does the same...
  18. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    In some schools the staff are treated in a far worse way than any of the students.
    I have learnt the hard way to keep my mouth closed in the above mentioned situations as I've still got 20+ years for my pension to start (assuming I'll be able to retire at 60, knowing my luck they'll change the rules and I'll still be teaching at 70! Oh joy), in other words, I need the work. No, lily that doesn't mean I'm suggesting that you don't ;) I imagine that it was one of those types of meeting where you are lulled into a false sense of security and begin to believe that comments are allowed?
  19. I do long for the days when staffrooms were full of subversives. last week's inset consisted of a bunch of sheep hanging onto to every word, with no questions. It was depressing.
  20. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    Unless they were like me bunty and didn't ask questions for fear of having their cards marked? I go home and be subservise where only 1 person and the cat can hear me.

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