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Unpaid absence

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by missbreak, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. If absence is unpaid, would we be obliged to set cover work in the case of that absence being unplanned ie not for religious observance, house move etc but for sick child.
    Many thanks
  2. If absence is unpaid, would we be obliged to set cover work in the case of that absence being unplanned ie not for religious observance, house move etc but for sick child.
    Many thanks
  3. I'd say no, why would you be setting work if you're not being paid? I don;t work one day a week, and I certainly don't leave planning for that day!
  4. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    If they do give you the first day paid, then it probably wouldn't be unreasonable for them to ask that you provide the planning. (This assuming that the child is merely ill and sitting in bed or in front of the TV, rather than seriously ill in hospital, of course.)
    If not, I suspect most people would be content to provide some form of planning, if only to make sure that their groups do something vaguely appropriate (which probably makes your life easier on return), but probably more along the lines of "work from this section of the textbook" than complicated structured lesson plans.

  5. If the absence is unplanned presumably it is for "that day" and the work would already be set, so why not send it in?
  6. Mmm not quite so simple. A lesson delivered (or covered) by a CS who is a non-specialist (or in fact any non-specialist) is very different. Would have to rethink and rejig totally to make it easy for all to understand would never be able to just send in my lesson plan.
    I would always set comprehensive cover work and always have, whether planned or unplanned and even when I didn't have to - but now there is so much that is considered "unpaid" absence in this new policy document, just wondered what the situation would be if cover was not set.
  7. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Hi Missbreak,
    I'm assuming that you are a secondary teacher based on your last post. As a HoD, I think you should at least consider the goodwill of the people in your team, especially your HoD! If you said to your HoD 'I'm not setting cover because I'm not getting paid', I think you would lose a lot of goodwill and risk a good working relationship. For what? How long does it actually take to type out a list of activities for a cover lesson?
  8. Dear Mark
    I am a HoD and my concerns are with those who may not set cover for the reason you give. We have always been proud of the fact that we set comprehensive cover in our dept; as we are MFL we have to set work in a little more detail than just a list of activities ie page 69 read and answer questions a - f, so that students and those covering understand (you would not believe how difficult some have found the instruction "Ex 1 page 32 - match the picture with the words from the box" or "collect books at end of lesson" or "write out in full sentences") and always cite an example too.
    May be we should just slacken off a bit and do what one teacher did for her cover and just write down "page 9" no instructions, no idea of class and no indication of text book! or another "look at SOWs on computer".
  9. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Hello Missbreak!
    As a Science HoD, I'm with you regarding subject content and cover lessons!
    If someone sets cover that is slack or inappropriate, I do 'have a word'...it's a little different if someone is off sick, as they may be stuck in bed or whatever...in that case, either my deputies or myself will write something. But I think for planned absences - and in the case of a childs sickness, the 1st day is usually paid, so the second (unpaid) day is a planned absence - there is no excuse really...
  10. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    I don't think any one will disagree with regard to illness, but that isn't the main point of the discussion here.
    If a teacher is granted a day of unpaid leave, I don't think it's unreasonable for them to leave a brief cover plan for the day.

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