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University of West of Scotland - PGDE Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Millie3001, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Thanks It was UWS i phoned them up today[​IMG]
  2. Well done! Did u receive a letter or did they tell you over the phone? :)
  3. Thanks! They told me over the phone.[​IMG]
  4. I got a Conditional too :)
    Woo, looking forward to seeing you all in August!
  5. Hey Danielle well done! Are you Ayr or Hamilton? Yeah Louise that was meI got declined will be moving down from Aberdeen just finishing up my Geography degree.
  6. Hey,
    I got an offer too so see you all in August! [​IMG]
  7. Hi everyone. Got in to Ayr. Im so delighted.I'm so surprised because I was full sure that I made a mess of the interview. I'll be moving over from Ireland in August. Does anyone know anything about what to expect, layout of the avg college week, etc? Is anyone else moving over from Ireland? Also where do ye think is the best place to live? I know its not starting for almost 5 months but I'm so excited even though its gonna be a crazy hard year.

  8. Hi I have not taken part in the post grad course (just finishing my BEd at Ayr though) but I know a bit about how it is run.
    You will probably be in full time, most of your time is spent on placement so when you are in uni it will probably be full weeks. Your year will fly by!!
    As to where to live there is quite a lot of choice! There are normally plenty of flats up for rent in Ayr ranging from £300-£600 pcm.Ayr town is only about a 15-20 minute walk to the uni campus. Prestwick is also nearby, just a wee bus or train ride away! Have a wee look on S1 homes, that might give you some good ideas.
  9. Hey everyone,

    I got into Ayr too, so thought I'd say hello and look forward to seeing you when we start. :)
    Lynz x
  10. Hi Lynz

    Congrats! See you in August :)

  11. Hi there, Anyone going to Hamilton?......
  12. Does anyone have an idea of when the course will start and a rough timetable for it? The website isn't really giving much away. Would be nice to know so we could make the most of voluntary classroom time before term runs out :)


  13. Hey enigma! All my letter says is 23rd August start date and thats all the info I have been given.
  14. Hi not sure am actually on the right road here a tad stressed. Well was wondering if it's teaching interview's or actual course interview's? was wondering if you could help only recieved my date for Monday yesterday evening, and l could freak out about the maths test as am not sure what type of stuff that's going to asked help!! Please
  15. Can I just say this thing about there being 33 spaces is a load of ****.

    I've heard multiple different numbers from colleagues and personnel from the University and I don't think they actually know themselves how many places they have on offer at this stage.

    But I'll put it this way - if you get a place you have done outstandingly as this is the hardest I remember it ever being and I started teaching in the 70's.
  16. Hilary,

    What's this the presentation didn't count?

    The presentation is the most important part. Because, having interviewed candidates myself on the basis of their presentation I have decided whether I am wanting to put them through or not.
  17. Can we cancel all I said!!!!

    I've spent my time reading every page of this thread and trying to give advice on concerns where I can and then realised it was 2010 and not 2011 entry.

    This is what happens when you retire after 36 years.
  18. Hi, I know this post is old, but the questions you were asked at UWS, were they just general questions? for instance about why you want to teach, what you know about your subject and what you know about the profession?

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