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University of West of Scotland - PGDE Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Millie3001, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,
    Anyone got an interview tomorrow? Im not enjoying second guessing the type of questions they will ask! Good luck to all those waiting to hear! :)
  2. Thats a shame
    hopefully once everyone has heard from Strathclyde we miht hear something? I have my interview at Jordanhill on the 9th but with the competition bein so tough I am starting to worry! I have fingers crossed for us all

  3. Hi tw16,
    I think I'll be joining you! It's a shame to be so negative but given the situation there really is nothing which fills me with optimism!
    Is UWS you're last hope? It is mine, just wish they would put us out of our misery sooner and let us know whats happening.

    Good luck if you get an interview, there is still hope for us!
  4. Hi Shellyhelmie, it would appear to be my last hope now this year! I still have heard nothing so it looks like I will be volunteering for another year unless I can persuade the school to pay me!!
    I am more disappointed not to have even got an interview. Even if I didn't get in at least I would have had the experience! I haven't had an interview for 12 years so I am a bit rusty!
    Teaching is something I have always wanted to do but life has a funny way of forcing you to delay things and as I am now 35 and my youngest is due to go to school in the summer I thought that this year was going to be it! Heyho, one more year won't make too much difference in the scheme of things I suppose!
    Did you get an interview anywhere else? Have you heard from UWS at all?

  5. Hi all I just clicked on this thread out of interest.
    I'm just about to jinish my 4th year of the BEd course at UWS so thought I could offer some help.
    They can take quite a long time to get back to you, the Ayr campus is quite small and they get hundreds of applicants every year. Also I know 33 sounds like not a lot but to be honest I'm surprised to read that somewhere else was at 120 this year!! Most uni's are cutting down the number of students they take in due to the job situation!
    For the people who haven't been lucky enough to get an interview please don't worry too much about it, if anything it might work out better for you as the work situation may have picked up by then!
    If there are people who still have interviews to go to and would like any advice I would be happy to help.
  6. Hi maines
    I know 120 sounds like a lot, Strathclyde uni are taking in a little over 130 but this compaired to 460 odd last year so the places have been reduced by 70% all round! It's a difficult year to be applying, i'm pleased to have had an interview for Strathclyde but really gutted that I haven't heard a thing from UWS

    good luck for yooour probation year

  7. Oh no doubt it is a huge drop!! It should havebeen done more gradually over the last 4 years at least! But with the government refusing to admit that there was a problem it has resulted in such a drastic move!
    I'm happy that you got an interview and hope it all goes well for you! I know some people who did the Strathclyde course and loved it so you could be better off there.
  8. Hi all,
    Sorry to hear about those that didn't get an interview and best of luck to those who did.
    I had an interview last week. Not sure when they will be making decisions- they said after they completed all interviews. Anybody got any outstanding interviews or know when the last ones are?

  9. Hi Dazza,

    I've still not heard anything from UWS so I doubt I will be applying next year! Hope your interview went well, what did they ask you?
    I'm sure it wont be long until you hear as it looks like all the interviews have been done now. Did you go for any other interviews?
  10. Snap tw16!!
    You would have thought it only but decent to have let people know what's happening by now, I understand these people are busy but this is rather ridiculous. Not even a letter to acknowledge receipt of an application, quite rude really :-(

    Best of luck to those who were fortunate enough to have got an interview.
  11. Hi Guys,

    It may still be positive news that you've not heard as I don't believe offers have been made yet.
    It may be that some candidates choose Strathclyde or another uni and they are keeping their options open to do more interviews. Chin up until you hear otherwise. The waiting is dreadful I admit!
    I had an interview for Strathclyde too- it's so competitive though!
    Fingers crossed for all of us for a positive outcome.

  12. I totally agree shellyhelmie! I think it's a bit rude that they don't even acknowledge receipt of the application form.
    It may be a good idea for them to ask applicants to send an SAE to allow them to send a short note to say thanks for the application or even if they used it to say, thanks but you have not been successful this year....
    I am gutted about not getting on any of the courses this year. However, by the sounds of it, there are alot of people who are passionate about becoming teachers and in the end it should mean that there will be plenty of committed teachers (once we all get the course that is!!)
    Good luck to all waiting on the results of their interviews whether it is UWS or the other uni's who update GTTR!

  13. Just thought I would let you know that I had my interview for UWS on Tuesday (9/3) and they said they hoped to let everyone know if they had been successful in 2-3 weeks, but it might be longer. There were only 4 of us - I do not know if there were any more interviews scheduled but think we must have been just about the last. Best of luck to everyone - try not to worry if you have not heard as I'm sure they might interview more if people they offer places to already have places elsewhere!!
  14. Hi! All is quiet on this forum! No-one heard anything yet?
  15. Hi,
    I hope we hear soon too as I really want to get on the course at UWS! No news is good news.

  16. Hi, fingers crossed!! I am not enjoying the wait! Good luck and I hope we're updating this forum soon!
  17. I am really not enjoying the wait, I just want to know so I can relax a little. Good luck too! really hope I have something positive to post on this forum soon.
  18. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got in![​IMG]
  19. well done Nikkif86
    So when did you hear and how?
  20. Nikkif86 was that strathclyde or UWS you heard back from?


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