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University of West of Scotland - PGDE Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Millie3001, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Anyone had anything yet?
    I was away for a few days and fully expected there to be a letter from UWS when I got back... low and behold ..nothing!
    If the interviews are the 22nd as someone was told then surely we should have something by now?
    Good luck to everybody :)
  2. Has anyone heard yet? I still have nothing and I getting more anxious every time the post comes!! Think I might need to accept I have not been selected for interview......but will still hold out that little bit of hope untill I get a rejection letter through!
  3. hey,

    I havent heard yet either, but I did phone today. The lady said if I hadnt received a letter yet then I havent been successful. She wont check for my name on the system but she said unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter in about 2 weeks to confirm it. Rubbish!
    Anyone had their strathclyde interview? I had mine last week. The wait is going to kill me lol.
  4. Hey kellyann85

    I had my interview on Friday for strathclyde, have really mixed feelings about it! One minute think it went well then think it went horrible! How did yours go? I'm feeling so nervous all the time, wish we could just be told sooner! Also haven't received a letter from uws- is it just me or is it weird those with a strathclyde interview haven't got an interview with uws?!?

  5. Hi Beckilou,
    I had my interview at Strathclyde last week too and I've also got mixed feelings about it!
    I got a letter last Tuesday from UWS and my interview is Mon 22nd at 9.30.I spoke to one other girl at Strathclyde and she has UWS interviews that day too. No one else seemed to have heard anything from UWS.
  6. I had my interview at Strathclyde last week too and my interview at UWS is next Monday, also have a friend who has an interview at UWS on 1st March! Hopefully you all hear back soon!!
  7. Well done getting the UWS interviews! At least you know you now have a one in two chance with UWS interviewing twice the amount of people as places. Good luck!
  8. Good luck for those with interviews tomorrow :) Dont forget to let us know how you got on!
  9. Hi everyone who had interviews yesterday! How did it go?
  10. Hey!
    Had my interview at UWS and dont think it went very well! Only got asked 3 questions and I dont think I did a great job answering! Bit gutted now, my presentation went well but its not graded!! Hopefully get into Jordanhill because def think I have stuffed Craigie aaaa!! This is so stressful!!
  11. Hey Danielle its Hilary (in for personal interview straight after you) from yesterday mine went awful also just froze didnt go into enough depth when i was answering at all.It was weird the way they asked questions, they didnt really discuss it with you and not really any form of conversation really.I was only in for ten mins. So annoyed the presentation didn't count.

  12. Hey!
    I felt exactly the same, no interaction, was totally the opposite at Strathclyde! Im so worried now :( Have you heard back from the Welsh uni?
  13. Hey yeah have an interview on the fourth (next week) ahhh but so expensive to get down but considering how Craigie went i will need to go.Have u heard from any others who have had a UWS interview?
  14. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think? Shame they didn't give you the chance to build rapport! What questions did they ask?
  15. Hi! Anyone know when the last interview dates are for UWS and when they are making decisions? The whole thing is so scary!! Well done to all those into Strathclyde and Glasgow already!
  16. Hi I have an interview on the 4th of march if this helps.
  17. I still haven't heard, this can't be good! :-(
    Phoned and enquired as to how long it would take to hear if I had to hear if I had an interview and was given the reply 'how long's a piece of string' not so encouraging!
    Good luck to all you guys though :)


  18. Thanks for letting me know! Best of luck with it. Can you post when they are making decisions if you find out on Thursday. Thanks so much!
  19. Hi shellyhelmie
    I know how you feel I still haven't heard anything and was not given a straight answer when I called either! It's difficult to be kept waiting but guess thats all we can do!
  20. Hi Cha,
    Glad I'm not alone then! Let me know if and when you hear anything I have be unsuccessful with Strathclyde so not looking too hopeful for me at the moment, very disheartening.

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