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University of West of Scotland - PGDE Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Millie3001, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. It's so annoying that they don't just tell the truth as to when the letters will be sent! Ah well ..... roll on next week!
  2. Any news yet anyone? I emailed and was told the decisions had been made and the letters were in the process of being sent out. Nothing in my post this morning, (Although she didn't say in the email the letters had actually been sent yet so still keeping my fingers very crossed.)
    Please let everyone know if anyone hears anything.
    Good luck everyone!


  3. Hi Millie,

    Still no word for me either. I think if we havent heard by Friday, then its not looking good.
    Have you applied anywhere else?
    I have an interview for Jordanhill this week, so nervous!!!

  4. Hey claire, good luck for your interview! I applied to Glasgow as my first choice but didn't get in. Jordanhill was my second choice, but by the time glasgow had decided Jordanhill was full, all interviews allocated so they didn't even get my application so I'm a bit gutted. So feels like UWS is my only real chance for this year.

  5. Hi Claire
    Good luck with your interview! I have mines on the 9th March, at first it seemed so long away but time is passing quickly so I need to get my act together and prepare! I have heard mines is the last date so hopefully we will get a decision soon after.
  6. Hi all. I've not had any response from UWS yet either. Surely we will have heard by the end of this week given that interviews are week beginning 22nd??.... Feel a no coming on but I will hold out hope until someone on here says they have received an interview date. My interview at Strathclyde is this week. Has anyone had theirs yet?? Would be good to know what kind of wuestins are being asked. Good luck everyone. x
  7. Hey guys i just got my letter for invitation to interview.It is on the 22nd at 9.30 am.
  8. Congratulations Hillary, that's fantastic news.
    Good luck!

  9. Yeah well il probs still fluff it up! Just to give you guys advance notice its a five min presentation on your experiences (learning/in school etc) and a personal interview.
    Good Luck
  10. Thaks for that Hilary,
    I'm just hoping they didn't post all the letters at once, that there might still be some interview letter still to come! Keep your fingers crossed for the rest of us, and be sure to let everyone know how you got on!
  11. I rang Craigie on Monday and was advised that there were over 400 applicants and that 60-70 will be interviewed for the 33 places.
    I haven't heard either :( Not so good...

  12. Hi Millie,

    Sorry to hear that, fingers crossed for UWS! Is this your first time applying?
    I think that if im not accepted this year, ill feel much more confident next year when applying, and its actually not that long until the whole application process begins again!
    Im trying to stay positive, but its so difficult, especially this morning when front page of the metro was about teacher training cut backs!
  13. Hi Cha510,
    Thanks, i think i need it! my interview skills, lets just say arent the best!
    Yeh, i would advise to start preparing as soon as, ive been preparing for weeks on end, and i still feel that i could do with more preperation time!! Although i bet the 15 mins will go past so quickly!
    I think my interview date might be the first day of interviews, ive not spoken to anyone who has been invited for interview before 11th feb.
    well, fingers crossed!
    good luck for your interview!
  14. Hi everyone,
    Well my post has been and gone and nothing again from UWS.
    I called UWS and I was told that the majority of applicants have been informed if they have been selected for interview. She said there may be other applicants to be informed if people have been invited to interview but they have been successful somewhere else and so don't want the UWS place anymore, if they call them and let them know then they will fill their space with someone else.
    I am still really really hoping for a miracle, that something might still drop through my letter box tomorrow, but I think I'm kidding myself on now!!
    Keep us posted everyone else and good luck!!

  15. Hi Millie
    I still haven't received anything from UWS BUT... there is still a small hope that it will come tomorrow. I called and spoke to the lady and she said that the final batch of letters to selected applicants were posted yeaterday and may arrive tomorrow or Friday!
    I wouldn't be too disheartened yet as it seems some people may not have received the letter yet.
    Good luck and my fingers are crossed for you!
  16. Hi Hilary
    Well done on getting an interveiw and good luck, I'm still holding out hope I will be there too but by the sounds of things my chances could be very slim. I haven't recieved anything in the post today but fingers crossed!
    I'll just need to make sure I have I do my best at Jordanhill interview.

  17. Thaks so much beckilou, that's good news, any glimour of hope!
    I'm keeping everything crossed!
    Good luck to you too

  18. Anyone get any post this morning?
  19. Nope not a thing

    Starting to hate everything that comes through my letter box!!

    Any news?

  20. Hey Beckilou,
    No nothing. There was a big white A4 envelope so I got all excited but it was something else! Gutted. New plan, I'm just not going to think about it at all!! (Well, that's the plan anyway!!)



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