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University of West of Scotland - PGDE Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Millie3001, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Is anyone applied to study at the Hamilton campus?
  2. Hi all, I've applied to the Hamilton Campus, would be much easier, but hope to be considered for either location if they don't run it there.
    I am on tenter hooks waiting to hear anything.
  3. yeah me too I live in Hamilton so it would be much easier that is if they run it there.
    hope we hear soon

    good luck
  4. just called admissions to ask about timescales. the lady said they are hoping to make final decisions tom, so letters sould get to us next week and that they will likey interview by the 22nd!!! not too long to wait I hope
  5. Hi everyone. I have called UWS a couple of times now (including yesterday) and each time they have told me that they would be starting to send letters out at the end of the week so I would not rely on receiving anything just yet! I have also applied to Strathclyde and have an interview on the 12th but I am really worried as it seems like the other unis (including my 2nd choice Glasgow) are not accepting any more applications. First choice or nothing it would seem. I wonder if UWS are just waiting to see who is left before starting interviews???
  6. Hi everyone
    I phoned UWS yesterday too, phoned last week also and keep getting told the same thing! "we're in the process of scheduling interviews and you will hear within the next week or so!" The lady also said " we have the most applications we have ever received and the least amount of places so there are going to lots of disappointed applicants!" *boo
    To anyone who has put a preference down for Hamilton or Ayr campus, I put Hamilton down on mine and when I was on the phone to the admissions lady mentioned to her that although this was my 1st preference I would be willing to travel to Ayr. She said this was useful to know and ammended my application form. So may be worthwhile calling up to let them know.
    Good luck everyone
  7. hprimrose I thought the same, they might think it's not worth interviewing those who could end up taking a place in strathclyde or glasgow anyway. I also have an interview for Strathclyde but mines is not untill the 9th March. The competition will be tough this year so fingers crossed we get the interview for USW.

  8. Hi everyone,
    I called UWS yesterday and like everyone else was told letters will be sent this week and interviews on the 22nd feb. My post has been this morning and nothing, waiting is driving me mad!! I did also find out that there are 33 places in total (so not 66 over 2 campuses, 33) and they will send letters to everyone this week, not just to the people who got interviews.
    Fingers crossed everyone


  9. 33? I have nooooo chance then Moray house was 38 and Aberdeen like 40 I think.Im still waiting aswell!
  10. Still not heard either but 33 is a very small number. I think anyone who gets in anywhere this year is extremely lucky. Was it someone at UWS that said the interviws would be on the 22nd?
  11. Yeah, they told me the 22nd when I called UWS, so they will really need to send the letters out soon.
  12. Thanks Millie for finding out the info and posting it up!
  13. Still no letter!!! This is beyond frustrating. Give the numbers I doubt I will even get an interview but it would be nice to at least know after all this waiting time.
  14. Hi Millie, did UWS release the figures of 33 to you on the phone? That number is scary!
  15. Hi. Does anyone know how many PGDE Primary places there are at Jordanhill?
  16. I read that jordanhill are only taking on 120 places this year! That's nothing compared to previous years.

    Don't let it get you down though- at the end of the day they need to pick people and there's no reason why it can't be you! Your obviously great on paper, now just show them what you've got in the interview and you'll be fine!
  17. Hi appleit,
    Yip, they told me on the phone that they had 33 places! Nothing in the post today for me, so I called them AGAIN! I'm honestly expecting them to recognize my voice and ask me to stop calling! There now saying letters will be sent today or Monday (which is exactly what they told me last Friday!) but this time they said letters to tell people they have been unsucessful won't go out at the same time, and might take up to 2 weeks!
    So back to fingers crossed guys!
    Good luck


  18. So if I dont get a letter by Wed or so im not in thats not too good. It seems they keep fobbing us off with excuses.
  19. or, they've just still not posted them! If I don't get a letter by next Wednesday I'm going to phone them, again(!!) and make sure they have actually posted them!

  20. Thanks for the posts/replies. Next week can't come soon enough! Have a good weekend in the meantime everybody [​IMG]

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