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University of West of Scotland - PGDE Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Millie3001, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Anyone applied to UWS?
    Any news?
    I've only had conformation they've recieved my application and that they aim to start interviewing mid January.
  2. Hi Everyone,
    Anyone applied to UWS?
    Any news?
    I've only had conformation they've recieved my application and that they aim to start interviewing mid January.
  3. Hey.
    I've got my interview this Thursday. I applied for the chemistry with science course. I'm maybe in one of the first lot of interviews.
    Good Luck hearing back from them!
  4. Good Luck!
    I'm primary - so hopefully I'll hear soon!
    How did they get in touch with you email or post?
  5. Millie, when did you get your confirmation from UWS? I applied in Oct for primary..they are probably snowed under with all the forms from us :)
  6. I actually didn't get the conformation postcard so I emailed them after about a month to make sure they had my application and someone confirmed by email. That was just before the closing date of the 15th December.
    I'll post on here as soon as I hear anything!

  7. Hi everyone!
    I've applied too but not heard a thing, It's driving me crazy! I submitted my application at the beginning of December and didn't receive a confirmation- are we meant to? I sent mine recorded delivery so they should have received it.
    Has anyone applied for anywhere else? I've got an interview for Jordanhill but have not been sent the date yet. Anyone else in the same boat?

  8. Just wondering if anyone also applied through the University of the Highlands and Islands?We wont get told from them till end of March apparently!
  9. Hi Beckilou,
    I have also applied to Strathclyde uni.
    Did you find out about your interview on GTTR? If so, this should also tell you the date, if you click on your choice.
    I have been set an interview in Feb, but i am still waiting on a letter from the Uni telling me about the content of the interview.

  10. Hi cb2010
    Thank you for that I just went onto GTTR and found out the date. I have an interview on 20th Feb. Is this the same as yours? I'm feeling so nervous about it! What kind of preparation are you doing for it?

    I've got a copy of the curriculum for excellence folder so i'm going to have a read through that.
  11. Meant to say I phoned UWS today and the lady from admissions told me that they are looking to start scheduling interview dates in a fortnight!!

    Think we have still got a while to wait before we hear anything :(
  12. Hi

    I have applied to Jordanhill also and not heard a thing yet! I've been on the phone to UWS to ask about interviews and was told they will be sending leters sometime next week....I've applied to study at the Hamilton campus tho so don't know if this will make a difference

    Just want to hear something the wait is driving me crazy!

  13. Hey cha510 I am the same I have an interview for Moray house on Tuesday but am not overly hopeful that i will get in so really want a UWS interview!Do they send it in the post?My post is awful here.
  14. Hi Hilary
    Yeah I sent mines in the post early dec and called to make sure they had it. I called again earlier this week and they said letters will be sent out by next week to invite for interview so fingers crossed we hear something soon. Will let you know as soon as I do, the woman on the phone suggested that the interviews will be quite soon! Are you hoping to attend UWS Hamilton campus?

    Good Luck
  15. Silly me put Craigie because i got a little confused but dont mind either way because either means im moving away hehe!Im a fourth year at Aberdeen.What about you?
  16. Well they will only run the one in Hamilton if there are enough applicants so it's not even ceertain that they will do it. Craigie is a bit too far away for me to travel but I might not have a choice so will need to wait and see.
    I'm in my fourth year also at Strathclyde I'm a part time student at the mo so will be a big change for me going full time again but I think it will all be worth it
    It's great your prepared to move....even bigger changes for you ahead eh!
  17. Still haven't heard anything from UWS and starting to get restless. Think I'll give them a call tom....has anyone had any word?
  18. I haven't either I definitely think a polite phonecall is in order because it is getting close the end of the month.I wonder if they are deliberately taking their time hoping that people will drop out because they have another place say at Glasgow, so they wont have to interview as many.
  19. I applied last year for a place, but I have deferred and will be starting this year. Took ages to hear anything back, I think it was about March when I got offered my interview so don't worry!
  20. Superstar,

    Any tips/info from your UWS interview last year??



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