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University of Leeds - Primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Lovestoread, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Hello, I have an Interview at the University of Leeds on the 7th December and I was wondering if anyone one else has heard from them or are waiting to hear? It would be nice to chat with others who are applying there too.
  2. Hello, I have an Interview at the University of Leeds on the 7th December and I was wondering if anyone one else has heard from them or are waiting to hear? It would be nice to chat with others who are applying there too.
  3. Hi
    I've got an interview on the 7th at Leeds too. I didn't get in last year so I'm very nervous. I'm also hoping the snow will have gone by Tuesday so I don't have to turn up in wellies! Are you feeling prepared? x
  4. Hey, it is good to know I'm not the only one applying there! I've been on the look out for people on here for a while and finally decided to make this thread.
    I'm really hoping the snow will have been gone by then too cause I have to travel from the North. Is your interview in the morning or afternoon? Mine is in the afternoon. I'm not really feeling that nervous at the minute but I will be by Tuesday, haha. I feel pretty prepared, have just been reading about educational issues and stuff really. We don't have to do a presentation or anything do we?
  5. Good luck guys, I'm on the course this year, out in school next week.
    You don't have to do a presentation. What we did was a 20 minute interview I think, and then a literacy task, and that's pretty much it.
    Feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer them
  6. Hi Sam, thanks for the information. Are you enjoying the course? Good luck in school next week!
  7. I'm on the course at the minute as well.

    The interviews last year started with a course overview to everyone, then everyone was split into three groups. One group would do the interview (for me that was with one of uni tutors and a headteacher), another group would do a literacy task and the third would show whatever certificates we were asked to bring to one of the admin staff.

    My interview was about 20 minutes. I was asked questions about my experience, what subjects I was and wasn't looking forward to teaching, what my motivation was, etc. They then asked me to comment/talk on a current issue in education. From talking to people on the course now, people talked about all sorts of topics.

    I had done some reading on the Rose and Cambridge reports about reforming the Primary curriculum. Both of these are pretty much out of date following the general election in May now though. I'd probably talk about the implications of the general election on the Primary curriculum - ie the curriculum based on Rose that Labour approved was scrapped before it was implemented, the fact that government are maintaining the old curriculum until further notice. If you're interested in that topic then it may be worth checking out the white paper that the DfE produced very recently or any of Gove's statements.

    I'm not sure how much the literacy task counted towards getting on the course, or if it was more of a holding exercise to occupy people while the interviews were going on. The one thing I would say is that you might want to check that you are clear on the correct use of the apostrophe.

    For me, the course has been a bit up and down to be honest. At the minute there is a lot of work to get through. You have to keep on top of it so that you don't get swamped in all the paperwork. Having said that, I don't regret doing the course.

    Hope this helps
  8. Thank you for all the advice, hopefully it will all go well today!
    Good luck to everyone who has an interview today too!
  9. Hi there,
    I hope your interview went well! I bet you're glad it's over.
    How did it go?
  10. I have my interview next month at Leeds uni! Nervous and excited at the same time! :)
  11. Hey, congratulations on your interview! It is nothing to worry about at all. All the staff are really nice and put you at ease. I had my interview yesterday and you only have an individual interview and an english task.
    They said that they aren't offering places to anyone until they know their allocations; they expect it to be some time in January but no one knows for sure. They are rejecting the people within a week or so that they don't think are suitable for their course. I am much more nervous now waiting for the response than I was during the interview!
  12. Yes, I can imagine the feeling...I wish you the best of luck! :-D
    Only an english test? i've been doing all sorts of maths GCSE revision and ICT bits and bobs (spreadsheets and so on) that seems like a pretty easy interview! Saying that they might already know exactly what they are looking for a thus don't need to put people through all the usual requirments of a PGCE interview.
    I've been doing lot's of research on National Curriculum and many other bits and peices. I'm kind of nervous about why they don't go through all the usual PGCE interview bits, group interview, presentations and so on...
    But it is very reassuring to know that it is a friendly and relaxed environment.
    I've heard its quite tough getting into Leeds tho!
  13. You have done fantastically to get an interview. Leeds had oveer 600 applicartions last year and interviewed 200 to take 120 people. No idea how the funding cuts will affect the numbers this year but unfortunately I imagine it will be less.
    My advice to you is that the interviewer will be able to tell within a couple of minutes whether you have the right makeup to be primary school teacher or not - they aren't really interested in what you have revised for (i did a lot as awell), they are more interested in you as a person.
    Make it clear why you want to go into teaching and what you think you will be able to offer in an increasingly popular career.
    Make sure you know about current curricular issues as well - the obvious one is the new government white paper and change of curriculum - it isn't that clear yet, but the new curriculum will be in probably by 2012 so it WILL affect when you would be looking to get a job.
    Just relax, all the staff are really good!

    Lovestoread, who interviewed you?
  14. Thank you Sam, some great advice there.
    I've been out of uni now for two years and have been working in a special needs and a mainstream school for those two years...it honestly does build your confidence so much.
    I'm quite calm and collected about it...I think when you have a bit of work experience behind you and you've been out there in the classroom working with children and teachers alike it really prepares you for what a teaching job will entail.
    Did you have an interview on the 7th too Sam?

    Amanda :)
  15. You have more than enough experience, and the SEN aspect will be really attractive too.
    I'm on the course at the moment mate, got 3 days left of school before xmas and then I begin teaching 60% in January. It's hard work but now I know its definitely what I want to do I am more than up for the lows.
    It's a means to an end basically.
    What is your degree in?
  16. They said at the interview that they had well over 500 applications so far and would interview just under 200. So pretty much the same as last year. They also said they were hoping to get the same allocation of 120 places but they can't be sure.
    I agree with Sam, I wouldn't try revising too much for the interview becauase when you get in there you will probably forget all the answers you had planned any way! For the english task if you want to prepare I would just advise brushing up on basic punctuation and grammar; things like where to use an apostrophe.
    The educational issues question was very open so you can pick a topic that really interests you, I talked about the curriculum and Gove's plans for it. I linked it to Tim Oates' 'Could do Better' paper which looks at international perspectives.
    Sam, I was interviewed by Hilary Asoko, she was really nice!
  17. Oh cool, Hillary as a science teacher is fantastic - best session of the week for me, and it's friday at 9.15!
    Sounds like you talked about the right stuff, don't fret your mind too much waiting for an answer.
    I hope it goes well for you guys, it's a good place to do it
    Sam :)
  18. I've got a 2:1 in Politics. I'm going to come at it from a Citizenship angle...personal, social and emotional education and learning, and the importance of the child as an individual and also how important it is for a child to be valued in their individual way of learning and how they should be able to explore ideas and problem solve critically. I done quite a lot of work on the Disability Movement and I've followed that through with my work with children with additional support needs.

    It's so nice to hear positive feedback from a PGCE student!

    Amanda :)
  19. Hi,

    I have an interview at Leeds on 7th January. Those who have had an interview this week - how did it go? More or less stressful than you expected? I'm not sure what to expect and how much/what to research beforehand.

  20. Hi I was there on the 7th for the interview- the afternoon one
    has anyone heard anything yet?

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