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University of Derby PGCE Primary - Anyone heard yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by gossipgirl329, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, has anyone heard from Derby Uni about an interview for PGCE Primary yet?
    Thanks x
  2. Hi guys, has anyone heard from Derby Uni about an interview for PGCE Primary yet?
    Thanks x
  3. I received my letter this morning inviting me for interview on 14th December - anyone else going that day?
  4. I have an interview on the 16th Dec. Does anyone have a rough idea what will be in maths and science tests? I'm thinking fractions, percentages etc for maths and maybe basic equations, parts of a flower and water cycle for science. Only guessing though. On the 14th is your discussion about managing behaviour too?
    Trying not to panic!!!!
  5. Hi,
    I am currently on this course. You will need to look at the different parts of a science investigation (terminology) as well as labelling the eye and part of a plant, I believe.
    I failed the science last year but still go on the course. To be honest, it is the group interview that makes or breaks you. If I could give you a piece of advice it would be to be positive, confident and VERBAL in your group interview. You need to make sure you do say something but try not to be too forceful.
    Everyone interviewing you is lovely so you'll be fine.

    This is an excellent course and very interesting. However, nothing can prepare you for how extremely tough it is! Enjoy this year!!!

    Bets of luck to you x
  6. Thanks, will definitely brush up on those topics! I'm not sure whether to look at the subjects up to Key stage 2 level, or whether we're expected to have GCSE knowledge. My discussion is on behaviour management, so I'm trying to find some material. Good luck!
  7. I found this really useful when I did my interview:


    My topic was behaviour management. The main strands tend to be:
    * consistency
    * leading by example
    * starting a new day afresh
    * involving pupils in establishing the behaviour policy and referring to it a lot (my school has it hidden in a corner and it never gets referred to or applied!)

    There was also a surprise task - a picture will be under your chair and you have 60 seconds to look at it and say how you would teach that topic.

    Regarding the tests, it's GCSE level.

    Good luck :)
  8. Thank you for your advice. I will be getting on BBC bitesize this evening! That website is amazing, i recomend it for brushing up on maths. Also, with managing behaviour, is it worth talking about promoting postitive bahaviour, or is that one too obvious?
    Anyone else have an interview on the 16th? PGCE primary.

  9. No, I'm sure it's not too obvious :)
  10. Hi everyone,
    I also have an interview at Derby for PGCE Primary on 14th December! I am terrified!
    I also have so many questions! Sorry to bombard you but here goes!
    What does the Maths test cover? This is my weakest subject in comparison to Eng & Science!
    I saw earlier in your discussion that you had to label the eye & a plant was this multiple choice (put the right label etc) or was it off the top of your head? Sorry about such a random question!
    And finally (sorry!), do you hear on the day if you are successful or not? The reason I ask is that my friends at who are doing PGCE at Durham heard on the day which I was surprised at! I guess knowing the process better calms the nerves!
    Many thanks for your help in advance,
    :) x
  11. Hi,

    I've also got an interview on 14th so will see you there! I've got butterflies too but hopefully once it starts it'll be ok.
    Been doing lots of reading up on behaviour management on the internet, and been revising maths, english and science. I've been using the QTS tests on TDA website and similar sites as a guide but there wasn't a science one so BBC bitesize was the next best thing I found. Thanks cbarlow1983 for your info on science test -its the one test that could be so open ended in terms of the questions they ask.
    Can anyone else pass on any info about what the tests cover -any help is appreciated!!
  12. Hi!
    I have an interivew at derby tomorrow and i am so nervous! what did the interview entail as i want to get in some last min preperation! was it really scary? did you have to know loads of info on current educational issues etc?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Annie xxx
  13. Hi,

    If anyone has had an interview at Derby Uni please can you just explain what to expect as I am sure you can understand it would help someone like me who wants to be sure what to expect.

    Greatly appreciated!

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