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University of Cumbria..primary PGCE 2012!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kellykoox, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Heyyy

    I thought I would start a post for the primary PGCE course. I am going to be starting at the Lancaster campus in September and wondering who else is??

    Also I am wondering if anyone is looking to live in Lancaster for the course or not?
  2. Well you already know that I'm starting the Primary PGCE at Cumbria in September :) Did you get your letter from the uni? Seems more real now! :) x
  3. Hi im also on the primary pgce at lancaster I got my place back in December and your the first post I have seen from other people I thought it was just going to be me lol!I will be commmuting to lancaster everyday unfortunetly ,nearly an hours drive everyday but I am hoping my placements willbe nearby as I cant see many people living near me (near barrow in furness) being on the same course, so they shouldnt have a problem placing me!I would like to be closer to lancaster but could not afford to rent and dont fancy living in a shared house of 18 year olds on campus, im too old lol!
  4. Yeah I'll be commuting every day too, I live in Burnley which is about an hour's drive away. But I'm married with two children so definitely too old for student accommodation! ;) x
  5. Heeey
    Woww so you've known for quite a while then :)
    Yes I may live at home and travel but if there is anyone looking to live in Lancaster then I would be willing to do that :) I live about a hour away too so it isn't too bad :)
    Are you currently working?
    I'm so so so excited!!
    Only found out last week so I still haven't got over it haha!
    Speak soon :)
  6. I have a part time job at the moment as im in the last year of my degree, not goin to work during the pgce though as I have heard this is impossible due to the amount of work your expected to do outside uni and placement!!Its been so long since I found out I feel as though it never happened I wish they would send us some more info about course content etc I am going to spend the summer swotting for the skills tests seeing as you now only get two attempts and would also like to do any prep I can to make my life easier!!
  7. Hey
    Aww cool!what degree are you doing? Which uni are you at? Do you finish for uni soon then?
    I'm the same..I'm currently in my final year of my english degree..my dissertation is driving me crazy haha!
    Yeah I bet it's feels like ages ago :) Yeaaah that's a good idea :) when do we have the skills text do you know?
    Do you know what level they are at?
    I know we have an orientation day in June so we will find out a lot more information then I should think :)
  8. Hiya, Im starting the distributed learning in Sept at Lancaster. I live in manchester, but might move there with my partner who will be a student too! Im trying to get ahead of the game too over the summer, wish we had the readig list now, guess we get it in june. Thought I'd say hi, I might meet you there!
  9. Im doing Education Studies so have quite a good base to start the pgce on really hoping a lot of stuff wont be that new to me I have learning theories coming out my ears at the moment!!I have a dissertation and 4 other assignments due in within the next 4 weeks so things are getting a bit crazy im glad il have a break over summer before the madness begins!!I think you can do the skills test any time over the year once you have your teaching registration number I have no idea what level they are but I tried the maths one online and failed miserably :) Il be glad to get more info and meet up with other people on the course I think they give us pre course tasks ot do and reading lists on that day to do before september we also have to do that medical check as well I think!x
  10. Yes that should be very helpful I would think :) woww I can't believe how much work you have to do! I bet it is very crazy for you at the moment!! Ooo I may have a look into the skills tests when I finish uni :) ahhh I'm excited!!:) x
  11. Hi, I had my interview on the 28th March, and found out on the 30th March that I have a place :) I'm going to be at the Lancaster campus, studying the general primary PGCE :) congratulations to everyone! How long did it take for your letter to come through? xx
  12. Congratulations bookworm89 :) It only took a couple of days, just confirms your offer and gives you some really helpful feedback on your interview performance. I'm excited too, but trying to stop thinking about the PGCE until I finish my degree! Two critical reviews and two essays are all that stand between me and the end of my English degree, can't wait! :) x
  13. If we're all on Facebook we should set up a group and get to know each other before the course starts :) x
  14. I think that is a great idea! Would be nice to go in June to that welcome thingy and actually recognise people! :)
  15. Hi guys,
    I'm starting the General Primary PGCE at Lancaster in September :) I'm a bit confused about this skills test/induction day thing. I don't think I've heard anything about it! How did you find out about it, was it on that letter we got after our interview? Perhaps I should have a closer read ;)
    P.S I'd join a facebook group!!
  16. Hey! The skills test you take during your course, I think you have to wait until you get your teaching number before you can do it (I think this is changing for students starting september 2013 - we are ok for now!). When did you have your interview? From what I gathered, we have an introduction day the third week in June, where we get to meet everyone :) I also think student accommodation forms are sent out in April, and in May we get our reading list but don't quote me on it ;) The introduction day is the only thing I am sure of :) Are you looking to move to Lancaster or commute?
  17. Yeah they told us about the induction day (think they called it an orientation day?) at our interview, was it 26th June or something like that? If you want to friend request me on Facebook I'll set up a group. My name's Kelly Clark and my profile picture is me with my daughter, I'm wearing a white coat, she's wearing a pink one. Let me know who you are because I don't accept friend requests unless I know who it is! x
  18. If i receive a reading list in May after the amount of work I will have just done I think I will post it right back to them [​IMG] I cant wait to know more about the course though and what exactly we will be doing, also wondering when they will tell us about our placement as im dreading a long commute there as well as to uni!Also I have heard we dont get our bursary until after we start the course which is annoying how are we supposed to buy all of the things we need in preperation (like new clothes)lol but seriously you would think they would pay it in August!!
  19. Hi!

    I'm starting at Uni Cumbria (Lancaster campus) this September too. However, I'm doing a secondary PGCE, not primary.

    I'm looking into accommodation but don't seem to be getting very far.
    I've rung the uni, and they suggested that although waddell hall does
    have spaces for post-grad students, there are only 2 flats of 7 which
    are allocated to 'us'. The rest is entirely made up of first years and
    the guy on the phone even suggested that this might not be the best
    option for PGCE students as (although you may not live in the same flat
    as the first years) you would be disturbed by all the parties etc. He
    suggested renting a house would be the best option for me, but I'm not
    too keen on worrying about house and bill sharing with people I know
    nothing about (who could technically all be first year party animals

    Some tough decisions ahead....

    Just wondering if you had made any discoveries while doing your
    accommodation research (I have only just been accepted onto the course
    and so far all my enquiries seem to have led to dead ends)


  20. Wow they are expensive! I guess they would be the same as living in halls though :\ Just slightly more expensive! Fingers crossed my partner can get a teaching job near lancaster and we can get a house otherwise it looks like I will be in student accommodation and my IPod will become my new best friend :\

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