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University of Cumbria PGCE....

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Scottish_Wildcat, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Wheeeeeeee I got in!

    Anyone else?


    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  2. Congratulations! I noticed on a earlier post that you applied to do history and was wondering if you can remember what they asked you at the interview as i have one coming up!

    Well done again on getting onto the PGCE!
  3. Oh, that was last year at Jordanhill in Glasgow.
    It's Primary I'm doing this year. We were asked about recent issues in Education, and why we wanted to be a teacher, what qualities we could bering, and what situations have been good and bad in our own classroom experience.
    Sorry I can't really help.
  4. WOW well done Wildcat you must be over the moon! Getting a bit nervous now, mines in a week! How many of you were there? and how much detail did you have to know about current educational issues? Sorry about all the questions! So pleased for you though :)
  5. Honestly, don't be nervous!
    The educational issues bit was a bit daunting, BUT I read it wrong and thought THEY would ask us about any issue and we had to comment. No, you have to tell them about an issue you have been thinking about. So prepare one well and have a backup and yuo will be fiiiine!
    I floofed that bit up, but you'll be better prepared.
    The uni looks so good and honestly they could not have been friendlier!
    (I'm i with a conditional due to my learning difficulties but I got through my first degree so all should be fine!)

  6. That sounds ok! Well in my notes I have focused on 'Every Child Matters- The Childrens Plan', and APP. Under each of those titles I have researched 1. What they are. 2. There aims. 3. How it is being implemented. 4. How it affects the children. 5. How it will affect me as a teacher. 6. My general opinion about it... I hope that gives me enough to talk about! I wish I was in your position and had an offer! I am looking forward to it :) I hope they have places left!
  7. Looks like I'll be joining you in September, Scottish_Wildcat!
    Just got my offer this morning. Conditional too, but I just need an academic reference from my UG Uni. Excitiing!
  8. I got in too! Found out by the end of Jan, just haven't been on here since :D I just have to have CRB stuff done but seen as I have already had one done with my current work I am not worried about that! So excited!
  9. Excellent news! I get the feeling that the majority of people who have had interviews there have now got a place. It's a much better way of doing things - Cumbria was my 2nd choice, but I'd had an interview at Manchester first where there were about 60 people there, and it was the second out of FIVE rounds of interviews. With only 100 or so places on their course, that strikes me as quite ridiculous... and unfair!
    But anyway, it's over now. Roll on September :-D
  10. Right,
    You guys had any forms or anything to fill out yet? Cos I thought they woulda sent out a CRB form and health form by now , but I've had nowt- our post keeps getting screwed up =(

  11. Congratulations to you all for getting the offer. I am having my interview soon and I wonder about the format of the literacy test. I haven't written an essay for a long time. Is it in response to an article given or is it multiple choice questions? Argumentative? What sort of topics are they? I want to have some practice with my writing so I appreciate any of your feedback, would be great.
  12. Literacy test? [​IMG]
    They do one when you get into the course that you have to pass by the time the course ends...
    I never did a literacy test. We had to discuss a topic we had looked into that was relevant to recent issues in education. We were not allowed to show any evidence of preparation ie notes...
    I think you maybe got your witres crossed unless they have changed the entry requirements for the later interviewees.

  13. This is surprising. In my letter it says the interview consists of 'completion of a short piece of written literacy and an individual interview'.
    I believed your discussion was one to one with the interviewer. But didn't your invitation letter mention about completion of a written literacy like that above? If it did not mention it, then that means it applies only to my interview.
    Also, while researching on recent issues/initiatives in education, I find that the 'Hot topics' in the DCFS website seems more appropriate to read - I mean the government new initiatives that applies to education as a whole. I would guess that the topics you discussed came from there.
    Some of the forum replies suggested reading the TES website for new initiatives. I had thought of the news articles in the TES website, but there are too many topics and most of them are specific to certain localised issues e.g. parent-run schools or giving pupils mobile numbers. For a while I was confused about what to read because of the sheer number of news articles.
  14. I got a CRB-type form thing enclosed with my offer letter. I don't think it was the actual CRB check, just some special one the University does. Did you not get that too?
  15. Nope.
    I only got the gttr letters not the UC one.
    Its cool though they sent me a new one online so I can orint and post. *shakes fist at Royal Mail* :)
  16. So, is anyone else in for September? I'm eager to find more people before the course starts so I don't feel so alone!

    Wildcat, did you get all your forms sorted? I sent their CRB-type form back to them but haven't had any acknowledgement of it. Hope it's okay...
    Also, what are you going to be doing about accommodation?
  17. my letter too says about the Literacy test, so maybe its a new part of interview?
    Wonder what thats about, ive got my interview on wednesday!
    How long after do you find out? and how, by email or letter?
  18. I didn't have to do a literacy test so maybe it's a new addition to the interview process.
    I received my acceptance letter 2 days later - I was pleasantly surprised at how quick they sent it out [​IMG]
  19. Hey all,
    Just wondering niamhus if your interview is for the course starting in January? Mine is. Maybe they've added the literacy test for that course. I've just gotten sent an e-mail confirming an interview for the 14th of April with no mention of literacy test but haven't received letter yet so could be mentioned there. Good luck with your iterview on Wednesday anyway, hope you fly it :)
  20. Sorry all, just one more thing. Which college are ye referring to when you say Cumbria - is it for Lancaster or Tower Hamlets or the other one. There are so many I'm getting very confused! Help :)

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