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University of Birmingham Primary PGCE...who's in?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Fern_H, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Kay and Genner.
    I received my conditional offer yesterday after a long wait (I had my interview in November) and I am so so happy. Can't wait to start. I wonder if all the information regarding CRB checks etc., will be sent to us in a letter some time soon?
    There are a few other people on the student room website who have also been accepted and very excited.
    Looking forward to meeting you both in September

    Fern :)
  2. Hi everyone!
    I also received my conditional offer the other day-very excited!! Fern- My letter arrived today and it does contain information about all the checks we need to do. I think they send us the CRB form once we accept the offer on the GTTR.
    Looking forward to meeting you all in September!
  3. I received my pack this morning too, when do we have to arrange the observation by? It seems a bit early to ask headteachers this far in advance doesn't it?

    Kaleigh x
  4. It doesn't seem to give a date, rather, just let them know as soon as you have secured a place. I volunteered at school for 6 months during 2009-2010 so I'm sending a letter to them asking if I can return to do my observation week there. I think that seems to be the best option rather than contacting a school who you are unfamiliar with, especially this far in advance.

    Fern x
  5. I agree, but I was just wondering whereabouts everyone is planning to do their observation? I'm not from Birmingham so I think I might struggle to find a school there, however if this observation is meant to take place at the start of term then it might be expected that we do it in Birmingham. What is everyone else thinking?
  6. Hello everyone.
    So, I called my placement school who said they are happy to have me back there for observation week but because the term starts Thurs Sept 7th, Nursery won't be open until mid Sept and Reception won't have really kicked into teaching until the following week because the children are gradually brought into lessons with half days. The head advised me to call the university and ask if it would be possible to split my time between reception and year one but I don't think they will go for that.
    I'm wondering if this will be the same in all bouroughs and schools?
  7. Hi Emma,
    Congratulation on your offer! Isn't it great to finally know?!
    That's great I think I will be doing my placement back home now afterall.
    Just to let you all know, I have set up a group on facebook for all of us starting the PGCE in September so please feel free to join. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm much better at facebook than TES!
  8. emmakg

    emmakg New commenter

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