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University of Birmingham- Primary PGCE interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by katieharker22, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    Anybody else got an interview coming up, or have had one already? Do you know anything about the maths and english test we have to do!? Slightly worried with the Maths one!
  2. Hi I had my interview this monday. the test is at GCSE level, but its short and there is a bit of mental maths (u cant work anything out on the paper) other questions u can work out on the other paper and there are few questions you hve to estimate answers bases on information they give you.Instead of trying to do your whole maths GCSE again LOL just revise Fractions, deciamls, percentages and practice mental maths!! The English task asks you a question relating to teaching and you write what you can so they can assess spelling grammar etc (Thats what I have been told the English test is for). My question was what knowledge and skills do teachers need in the primary classroom. Hope that helps. The interview itself is quite layed back as long as you are prepared.
  3. Cheers summaiya01...that was really helpful :) were the maths questions really hard would you say and do you feel like your in a rush to finish the test?
  4. Sorry for the late reply.. especially as your interview is tomorrow. To be honest whether or not the questions are hard depends on how good you are at maths .. Maths has always been my weakness so I found them hard but then I dont even know how I did on the test so its bit of a blind spot really.... Sorry!! As long as you have brushed up on you fractions,decimals and percentages you should be fine. Good luck for tomorrow!
  5. Oh and I did sort of rush to finish the test at the end because I spent ages looking at this one question LOL - don't do that just move on to ones that you understand and go back to the ones that you don't if you have time left.
  6. OMG that was awful! The maths test was soo difficult as you couldn't write your answers down apart from the last section, which by this time, it was too late! The interview was horrible too...I know I won't have got in, but thank you for wishing me good luck :)

    Have you heard back yet as to whether or not you have a place?

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