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University of Bedfordshire PGCE interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by KayleighK, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I have an interview for an Early Years Primary PGCE in May and wondered if anyone could give me any pointers on what to expect from the interview and how best to prepare.
    I have already had one at a different uni, but know that all uni's are slightly different.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Just bumping as the interview has been moved forward to 25th April!! EEK!
    Any interview questions I should look out for?
  3. Hi,
    I had my interview in march and was accepted onto general primary PGCE to start in september. The day consists on a talk about the course, then the maths and english tests followed by the group discussion and one to one interview. I have to say I was so nervous but I did so research before and that gave me confidence on the day.
    The maths test was about 12 questions i think, there was fractions, long multiplication, division, area etc and english we had to correct a peace of childrens work, spellings and grammer. The group discussion was the one i was absolutley dreading but i actually really enjoyed it, its very relaxed. there were 10 of us and they asked us to talk about what a learning centred school is. I dont think there is actually a correct answer as we were talking about lots of different things referring back to what we had experienced in our school experience but it flows easily just make sure you say a few comments but dont talk over people and cut them off. The one to one interview was 8 questions and again was quite relaxed. For this just make sure you know some current issues. I spoke about the curriculm changes and the Literacy review by ofstead, you dont need to know it inside out just need to give a brief discription of what you know and if possible refer it back to school experience or whether you think it is bad or good etc. At the end you'll get shown an object. Mine was a lolly pop stick but ive heard of others getting a peg, cotton reel, cork. You just need to say how you would use these in a lesson and give a few examples.
    Just be confident and remember that this is your chance so just go for it. Let me know how you get on and good luck, i found these forums quite helpful.
  4. Hi,
    Well done on getting a place. Thank you for the information, I have been doing some Maths revision but hadn't looked at area. just percentages, fractions and decimals and also have done a couple of qts tests.

    I'm really dreading the group discussion, worried I won't get a word in edgeways lol.

    This is my second interview and am extremely nurvous. Helps a lot to have an idea of what is going to happen.


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