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Unit 5 Video Production BTEC Creative Media Production

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by dougleman, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. As well as filming a complete remake of Jurassic Park as an exemplar (a 10 minute version that is!), we have started making 1 minute clips to get students into film making - we plan to use these for workshops and provide students with a fun way into film making, they are also the basis for our Unit 5 video production. You can see them at:
    Is anyone out there doing anything similar? Just wondered what everyone else was doing for this unit.
  2. I run the level 2 creative media production course are Fareham College in the south. For the video production unit our students make a TV advert (for unit 5 &18), a horror trailer (for unit 5) and 10 minute documentary (for unit 5 & 21) (here's an example of a level 2 documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfsBCzEsBJQ&feature=plcp). We also do a short parody project based on recreating memorable moments from TV and Film as an induction project.

    The level 3 students make a childrens drama and a thriller in their first year, they also do a documentary for their final major project but this also incorporates a lot of other units.

    Its good to hear what other people are up to.
  3. I enter my students into a film competition
    Last year the L2 BTECs won first and second prize in the 12-16 Category
    Nice tight brief - a two minute film on an anti nuclear theme
    The screenings are in Bristol- but anyone can enter
    I have a whole unit assignment written around it if anyone is interested

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