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Discussion in 'Music' started by fretless, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. How long does it take you to complete the form and your marking for unit 4 pieces? I seem to be spending ages on each composition and agonising over the mark I give. I know this is partly because of the pressure I am under to ensure my grades meet those expected according to the data but it is also because I want to avoid the marks being adjusted by moderation. Most of the pieces my pupils have created fall within 2 of the mark bands and trying to decide the actual marks for each is proving difficult.
  2. It's an absolute nightmare because the criteria is based on opinion.
    I take a while with unit 4. I mark them all then look at the rank order and see if that seems correct. Last year my marks were put down by 5, so i went to the standardisation where i was marking consistently 5 marks below the board... so with a 5 mark penalty and being 5 under at standardisation I am still none the wiser. Last year 4 members of staff marked ours independently and moderated yet we were still out. This year I'm going to mark either top of band or bottom of band and justify the hell out of why i've given the mark and hope its more successful!
    Good luck!
  3. Mine weren't changed at all last year but the marks given to my unit 2 compositions have left me feeling rather less than confident. I make sure that I write plenty which is one of the reasons it is taking so long. I didn't go on the standardisation as school deemed it to not be necessary as my marks hadn't been changed. I keep trying to compare this year's with last year's pieces to double check my marking. I am on my own with no colleagues to discuss the work with although I do have friends in other schools who will have a look for me if I ask but everyone is so piled up with work.
  4. I'm hosting a moderation day on the 27th April in my school in East London... PM me if you are interested!

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