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Unit 293 OCR Exam Monday 6th June

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Frankiepingel, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Know exactly what you mean Jon - kids don't have enough life experience to answer the common sense questions.
  2. agree - too much emphasis on 'application' it's unreasonable to expect kids to know how a certain type of business operates. It's a shame as the legacy spec (which had tiers) was a good fair examination. C grades could be picked up if you knew your content but to get an A you needed a higher level of understanding and an ability to analyse. I find the spec very restrictive now. Taking out P&L and BS and all the associated ratios makes teaching finance very difficult and often boring for the stronger pupils.

    Are there any GCSE scripts that don't rely on pre-release material? I don't know how you feel but I find them very tedius - at A level too! why can't pupils be tested through closed book exams anymore?!
  3. Closed book exams - how so quaintly old-fashioned!! We wouldn't be giving students the opportunity to achieve:)?!?!?
  4. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    Mark - Switched to EDEXCEL for GCSE- nice course and different to the A level we run (OCR)

    No case study!
  5. For our sins, Glyn and I are marking for F292.. the number of scripts that I read that are simply the pre-release regurjatated! it stifles pupils' creativity AND no doubt has people like Mr Gove saying we're not a proper subject...! make exams old fashioned - no pre-release stimulus. A2 exams should all have a set of accounts and other numerical data - e,g CPA or Investment appriasal, write a simplified two page case study and let pupils loose! Pre-release data, especially at a level is riddled with mistakes and stifles the creativity of the brighter pupils! Personally I think some of the content in A level Business St. is as hard as Economics, Geography, History you name it.. yet the exam boards make it openly available by telling the pupils the hard topics to revise for months before the exam!
    It makes lessons far more difficult to keep interesting and doesn't differentiate stretch the pupils enough.
    I'm pretty sure when I went to school (only mid to late 90s) A levels were supposed to be hard and mean something for those who passed!
    'it says on CV that you acheived a A in Business Studies - you must be able to help us with our accounts?' ....'no Mr. prospective employer, unfortunately my teacher did it all for me so I won't be able to help you with that!'
    Perhaps I'll take this rant to the exam boards!

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