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Unit 29 41 Understanding retail help needed???

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by lemoncheesecake, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone

    In September I am going to be delivering Unit 29 (previously 41) Understanding Retail - and wondered whether anybody out there had knowledge and experience of this Unit, or one closely related to it.

    If possible I would appriciate if anyone could forward me any resources or ideas to le@ccb.ac.uk

    I am a Business Studies teacher of long standing and could reciprocate with advice on anything to do with BS if wanted.

  2. Hi
    I have emailed you..not sure if you have received it or not?!
  3. Hi Lucy

    I am in the same position as you were last year - I wondered how you got on with the unit and if you were able to share any resources at all?

    My email is l.williams@grange.dorset.sch.uk

    Many thanks

  4. enderoth

    enderoth New commenter

    I was wondering if I could have a copy of your delivery powerpoints as well. I am starting the unit on monday. My email is srafferty@brookeweston.org.

  5. Hi Lucy and you all
    I'm in the same boat - so would appreciate anything that you can support me with. I have written assignments for U29 so if anyone would like to have a look at these and feedback (share tips?) I'd be more than happy to help. My email is david.wilson@burycollege.ac.uk
    I will also be delivering Recruitment & Selection later in the year and have lots of resources for that (still working on tailoring for the QCF unit but not much will be needed, I hope/think)
  6. I've put an assignment up on VOCBUS if anyone wants it.

    Has anyone an assignment for Unit 25?
  7. Hi All,

    I have recently managed to secure a f/t lecturing position after several years of sabbatical. Anyway, have just received my timetable and unit 29 is on it... Any help, nudges in right direction and resources would be gratefully received. Of course, I am willing to share what resources I have both now and in the future. I start next Monday and my head is starting to buzz from racking my brains! So much for a relaxing half term ;)

    Also, any help with unit 37 - Understanding Business Ethics, would be fantastic.


  8. Hi Elin,

    I have just started teaching this unit and wondered if it was possible if you could send me some resources as well. My email address is joanneb3ll@googlemail.com

  9. I have also picked this unit up and have never taught it before!! Making it up as I go along! The chapter in the Pearson textbook is helpful but doesn't give much detail. Any pointers would be appreciated.
    My email is fiona22.moore@ntlworld.com
  10. Hi Lisa
    I am also about to start teaching Unit 29 and have been trawling various websites to try and find any resources but can't seem to find any. Could anyone please forward on any resources that you have managed to find. I would be very grateful and it may help to postpone a breakdown!!
    My email is: scherzo68@yahoo.co.uk
    Many thanks
  11. RKM


    Could anyone please send me any notes or PPT's and an Assignment brief for Unit 29, and if possible and example of a completed assignment. My email is businesstuition@yahoo.co.uk. I am really struggling and any help would be appreciated.

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