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Unit 2 professional development in the music industry

Discussion in 'Music' started by floyd1985, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. hello
    just writing out some assignment briefs and all that stuff for Unit 2 and just wondered when it comes to designing their professional development plan, do they have to create it to fit someone going into a 'music career'?? because i'd say half of my lot won't be looking into a music career at all!! and if you look at the specification, it doesn't really say that they've got to produce a plan for a music career
    maybe im being very stupid, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know
  2. If you go on my resources there is an assignment pack for the Level 2 Diploma course. There are assignments for Unit 2 in there which may be of some help.
  3. i've already had a look at them. they're really great thanks.
    i'm just confused over assignment 2 in unit 2 where it says for them to draw up a development plan but it doesn't actually say it has to be specific to music, but thinking it should be seeing as though it's a btec in music! but many of them aren't going to be taking it in future years.
    i feel abit stupid having put the post, but i'm a little stuck with what to do with them - should they pretend that they're going to be going into a career of music??
    your assignments have helped me beyond belief though. thankyou!
  4. I wouldn't stress too much about this. They are able to audit their musical skills and set out a plan for development even if they don't want to aim towards a career in music in the long term. They can look at areas of their musical skill that they need to develop and consider how they might approach this. Go back to the spec for a bit of help as well, the opening page has a paragraph that starts "The unit will allow learners to consider their own professional development during their BTEC Music programme and beyond."

    They should, through their research of areas and career opportunities in the industry be able to identify something they might like to do and could look at what they need to do to be able to achieve this (I wouldn't lose any sleep about whether this is hypothetical at this stage). Personally to save the worry I would get them to look at how they would "consider their own professional development during their BTEC Music programme" and where you have students that want to go off and be a rocket scientist afterwards get them to draft how they might continue their skills alongside this if they wanted to. They're being assessed on their ability to plan, through analysing their current skill set and looking at how they will develop this. If they don't want to be a session drummer they won't be penalised.
    Please don't feel stupid, we all have our fair share of interesting moments...

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