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Unit 2 plays

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by matthewhansell, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Anyone got any suggestions for a Unit 2 Edexcel text - preferably a contemporary piece for 7, 4 male 3 female? Something challenging but with opportunity for hardly any set! Feel like I've exhausted all possibilities over the past few years and have run out of ideas. Please help!
  2. Hi
    I'm going to try DNA by Dennis kelly this year which a couple of my mates have tried and said it works well - there are school editions. I also looked at Punk Rock by Simon Stephens (a lot of swearing but quite complexed characters). Neither require much set at all and can be stylised. All characters are students in both plays. Both based on some kind of murder. DNA funnier though and has a lot more twists and turns. Punk Rock is like a modern day version of Lord of the Flies.

    I've only been teaching 3 years so you've probably done the Mark Wheeller plays and The Exam by Andy Hamilton to death (but I've just discovered them and I can see why they are so popular for Unit 2 & 3)
    Hope that helps
  3. Yes I will. I'm going with DNA now because at least I know it worked for 2 other schools - and it's funny. What did you go for in the end?
  4. Blue Remembered Hills works well - that is the one I am moving away from now simply because it does not fit the personality of a boys comp but I'd definitely use it if I was back in a mixed school
  5. Yeah did it a couple of years ago - first year on the new spec - and it went really well so am hoping it'll be good again this year! :)

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