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unit 1 individual showcase level1/2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by kes1989, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. kes1989

    kes1989 New commenter

    Hi I have just seen the new unit 1 performing arts criteria from edexcel.
    I am completing progression opportunity 4 and the theme for the 2 performance pieces is potent.
    does anyone have any ideas of how this could be portrayed through dance? I have a few ideas but think that they are very restricted and unoriginal!


  2. littleem85

    littleem85 New commenter

    I am teaching the acting element and am struggling too. I am currently exploring the Greek element with my students and also some Shakespeare. This could be something you could explore. I am struggling to come up with a contrasting piece however as I teach 35 students and like to have as much variety as possible. I didn't even know what Portent meant!
  3. kes1989

    kes1989 New commenter

    I had never heard of the word before and neither had our English department. I had had the idea of something dark and sinister taking control over you, maybe you could explore that idea to and going out the route of multiple personalities (Jekyll and Hyde)
    another idea is to use tim burtons films about secrecy, poison and a warning that something is coming!
    The students could be doing something that is happy where there is a person or thing that is important to them that makes their live complete. you would have 2 contrasting pieces there - bad omen and happy complete.

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