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Unit 1 edxcel drama and theatre studies- change of scheme

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by THUNDERCATS, Aug 8, 2011.


    THUNDERCATS New commenter

    Whilst on the summer break I have been thinking about amending the sow for this unit.
    I currently teach Romeo and Juliet but have done it to death!! I'm thinking of looking
    At teechers by goober has anyone else tackled this for As unit 1? I was just interested to hear what
    Other combinations people do for this unit- we also cover the crucible too.

    THUNDERCATS New commenter

    Sorry should have mentioned it's unit 1 for Edxcel Drama and Theatre Studies
  3. I've taught 'Beautiful Thing' by Jonathan Harvey or 'Our Country's Good' by Timberlake Wertenbaker for the last couple of years which I've really enjoyed.
  4. We are a big centre and between us all we teach;
    Tuesday and Children by Bond, Equus, Blue Room, Miss Julie, Accidental Death, Pornography
  5. we're doing Tristan & Yseult & Tusk Tusk next year - have recently done Jerusalem, Lucie Cabrol, The Seagull (Crimp version), Metamorphosis, Equus, Hay Fever, The Birthday Party - usually find a mix of physical & naturalistic a good punt, and am trying to stick to modern plays at the moment - just to keep ourselves interested etc etc
  6. I've always though of Godber as better for GCSE (I think your point about depth is a valid one) ..

    personally, I think AS Unit 1 texts should take them away from school/ their age/ education etc

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