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Unit 1 Edexcel English GCSE

Discussion in 'English' started by greeneyes, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. greeneyes

    greeneyes New commenter

    Does anyone know what they're doing? I mean, I've looked at the book and the teachit resources but I don't want to be teaching out of a text book all the time. Plus I'm used to AQA.
  2. ajpanjo

    ajpanjo New commenter

    Feel exactly the same. I have been working from a really good powerpoint my department made but I still feel sketchy after having studied AQA myself and taught it during training. I think as long as students write in PEE chains and know what they are looking for (presentational devices, writer's ideas and perspectives, and techniques, PAFF etc) you cant go wrong. Students who will have done well on AQA will do well on Edexcel and vice versa. Just teach them how to analyse and non fiction text and have faith in their own intuity. I know this wont help, but atleast you know you're not alone. x

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