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Unit 1 edexcel d1b and d1c whats the difference

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by madjessy, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Hey all filling in all the forms for the first time and come across d1 b and d1c. They are the record cards for the recorded session. Why are there 2 grids to record the activity and times. I feel Iv done quite a detailed one with all the meds/strategies on the first one. Do I have to mention what the 5 candidates are doing on the 2nd?
    Just feel like I'm over oiling a wheel here when I have so much more to do! Oh for where art tho easter holidays ...
  2. Yes, it does seem a bit odd. If you have a detailed record of the recorded session on the D1b, I'd simply refer to it in the small space near the top of the D1c where it asks for details of the session. On the D1c you are marking 5 candidates: top, bottom and three middle candidates from that recorded session. Not overall - as you top or bottom candidate from the recorded session may not be your top or bottom overall for the six hours of the practical exploration. DO make sure that your candidates are identifiable: the moderator watches the whole session and moderates the marks of the five candidates you have marked. If you want to help moderators (like me), do mention where the five candidates are on either the D1b or 1c form as it makes the moderator's job easier if they know where they are looking! (That's good practice, not a requirement - I'll add that here for the record.) A summative comment on the five candidate's performance in the recorded session needs to go on the D1c. Remember, that this bit of the exam allows for the moderation of your practical marks. If they are accurate in this recorded session, then, they are accurate overall. If you can't assess the recorded session properly, then, your marks overall - for all candidates - could be adjusted if you are too generous or mean. (interesting point to end on: in all my years moderating, I've never come across a centre where the marking is too mean! (I'm sure there are some out there, but I've not seen them.))You talk about the D1b and c. Same things apply for the D2b and c.
  3. Superb thanks Arthur.
    Am very interested in moderating and or examining next year to have a better clue of what I'm on about, but for now it's about surviving. lol.


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