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Uniservity vs Assimilate vs Frog your views??

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by buba07, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Does anyone have any opinions / insight into the above VLE's? We need to make a decision and not sure which is best?
  2. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Can I ask why you have ruled ouot moodle?
  3. papakura

    papakura New commenter

    Assimilate was around a few years ago as an LEA solution but was not well received in Kent, for example. I think it might have been the system chosen by one of the big RBCs - SWGFL? But they dropped it as well. It was taken up by some other authority but to be honest I have not heard much about it since. In Kent, the biggest problem seemed to be that they started early and the system just did not work well at that point - many clicks just to upload a file and then you could not edit/download the file etc. I assume this would be the sort of thing that Sharepoint would do better??
    Presently using Frog in an LEA that has brought in Fronter. Would prefer to be part of the LEA offering as it seems a way of sharing best practise/expertise etc. The way we use it - Frog is ok as a content management system and for managing an Intranet/Extranet but there is no user guide - apparently - and stuff like distributing work and collecting it does not seem to work. as It does not seem to talk that well with the MIS - at least as far as I can see.
    I have used Moodle and evolved it at my last school where I relied on the NM to deploy it. Which he did, on a virtual server - and that is the last I saw of it. Left the school after the disappearence of moodle and the collapse of the whole network!
    My thoughts? - Moodle is what we need pedgogically as teachers and has all the benefits of open source - hundreds of friendly developers educationalists willing to help for nothing - but you need your Tech staff onside. Commercial offerings do not seem to do as much but you have the backup of the vendor. Very expensive option, IMHO, and potential for disappearance of the company as they become a casualty of the competetive nature of this business. Surely, only the best will survive?
  4. Uniservity vs Assimilate vs Frog
    Moodle every time.

  5. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Out of the choices offered I'd go for Frog. However I think as a company they are over-stretched and developments/bug fixes are not coming out as soon as they ought.
    PERSONALLY I'd go for a Mahoodle - Moodle + Mahara

    You can start with Moodle and add Mahara at a later date.
  6. A quick view - Frog is expensive, Assimilate dated and UniServity is about to be replaced by their new 'Life' product which I would venture to suggest is probably the best of the commercial products available but that's a personal view.
    The question really should not be "which learning platform" but rather "what do I want to do with learning platform technology". Which aspects do you actually want to use? If you simply haev a need to make work available online with some use of forums and wikis then you can do that with GoogleApps or Live@Edu. Moodle will give you the rest BUT can be dependendent on a good techie/NM to manage the installation (so there are costs). Worth looking at is www.moople.net who were showing a low cost integration of GoogleApps and/or Live with Moodle.
  7. Avoid Uniservity and Frog. They'll be cash drains on your school budget. Moodle everytime.

  8. johncollinswork

    johncollinswork New commenter

    God, not this one again...
    I thought that Assimilate has been discountinued anyway?

    Our LEA has all but scrapped it anyway, despite spending a fortune (in taxpayers money) on it.

    They were told to go with Moodle...
  9. Love Moodle and it is free and is just a course management system. Make a course in 5 mins and a cup of tea.
    Hate Frog. Very shiney, counter intuative at every step. Costs lots of money and the marking system is horrible to say the least. Releases are slow. I can make one webpage with the same content as the Moodle course in 10 minutes but without a cup of tea as it could get knocked over as continous frustration is given free with the product. On the plus side for Frog you can intergrate registers, cover and other things into it.
  10. Good to see so many standing up for Moodle, shame Becta couldn't have come down in favour of it, instead of their usual gumpf with no outcome.
  11. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    I haven't yet got into Moodle, but hope to do so at some point - seems as if most people are using it to good effect.
    I've heard great comments about Frog from friends of colleagues - user-friendly and good integration with school management systems apparently. Consider if you have money to burn.
    I wouldn't touch Uniservity - mixed reviews from what I remember. I don't know about Assimilate - plausible proven track record?
    Please also consider alternative investment in the REAL learning environment too! Classrooms with nice chairs, air-conditioning, heaters etc make a real difference! I wrote an article on this once.
    It's a shame that so much time and money has been wasted in badly thought out VLEs, in particular where they have been unscrupulously marketed and inadequately developed/customised with secondary schools in mind. I could give examples.
  12. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    As a Moodle advocat I get VERY annoyed by people saying "Moodle is FREE". You don't pay money to download it that is true but you have to invest in:
    • Training
    • Hosting
    • Development etc
    Is it worth it? YES, of course it is.
    But IT AIN'T FREE!!!
  13. The moodle software is free in both senses (free of charge and offering freedom) of the word. You have all those other costs in addition to the license cost with the alternatives.
  14. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    .... which many Headteachers do not understand.
  15. Frog every time!!
    yes its expensive but its worth it! The Frog team work closely with you to helpyou design it, give advice on how to implement it properly in your school etc...

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