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Discussion in 'Further Education' started by debity, May 17, 2012.

  1. Has anyone every had a good service or less favorable
  2. I can't really complain about the service I'm getting at the moment although getting hold of my rep (regional) is difficult to say the least. I think the trouble is that they are drowning in cases and trying to cope with changes in the law that give them less 'welly'.

  3. The 2 year change in employment rights is a bit worrying. As a country we have just gone back 20 years...my head hurts
  4. Had to struggle to get help from my UCU rep the times I've needed it. College just walks all over them anyway. Have now joined the GMB which casts a different light and my college is a lot more wary of them.
  5. GMB oh that's interesting . One of the largest 'Public' unions outside of teaching is lame even frustrating. Try to get in with management so can recruit new members.

    Are unions traget drive organisation?

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