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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by marineygreeny, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Let's just say Ive been less than satisfied with my union over the last couple of years. I was going to change, but then life issues took a more important role. Things have started to settle down and I've decided I'm too annoyed with them to keep paying them money.

    As a Supply Teacher I don't have a inhouse rep, so I have noone to talk to about this. I was wondering if there was anybody who could advise how I go about changing unions and if there is a joining fee on top of annual fees please.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The first thing to do is to contact the subscription department of your current Union and find out whether you can cancel your membership immediately and get a pro-rata refund for any unused part of your year's membership.
    If you can't get a rebate for the unused portion of an annual fee, you might wish to stay put until the next renewal date. Tell them that you will not be renewing and cancel any Direct debit mandate. Then start a subscription with a new Union from the day after the end of yourcurrent subscription year.
    When I last changed Union, I waited until the end of December for one membership to expire and started with another Union from 1st January.
    As a supply teacher who is getting very little work, I now only pay for 0.3 or under rather than the full-time rate.
    You should also be claiming tax relief for the allowable portion of your union fees. The amount you can set against tax varies for each Union, so ask them what it is. You can back claim for 6 years so ask them for a breakdown of what you have paid in each tax year.
    With the NUT, you can claim tax back on 2/3rds of the subscription. With the ATL you can claim tax back on 9/10ths of your payments.
    You should also be claiming tax back on the GTC fee. their website has a downloadable form (print one for each tax year) which you complete and forward to the tax office.
  3. podilato

    podilato New commenter

    I would advise anyone, especially supply teachers, to withdraw from their unions as soon as possible. When our jobs were going down the toilet they couldn't care less. When the pensions of their current members are affected they strike. Bunch of hypocrites!
  4. I take the risk of not being in a union. Resigned from NASUWT a few years ago. I once posted on here that we supply should all do a mass resignation from teaching unions.
    However always a personal choice and indeed a personal risk.
  5. Completely agree!


    Unions do provide you with a legal cover should you be sued due to something that you are alledged to have done whilst teaching..... Think carefully before canceling your subscriptions, if only for this reason.

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