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Unions - is one better for independent sector?

Discussion in 'Independent' started by pookyrobin, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Please join a union. If you need to defend yourself, it could cost you your career, savings and house if you do not have access to a union to pay for the defence.
    ATL is the only union which has a separate independent schools section. Most teachers in my school are in the ATL.
  2. Yes -agree that ATL are probably most suited to you.
  3. NickiP

    NickiP New commenter

    I am with the NASUWT ... They have local independent reps as well....I am in a minority with the majority of my colleagues being ATL.
  4. boatmanco

    boatmanco New commenter

    As a ATL member are you striking?
  5. Thank you all, heading to the ATL website now!

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