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Union but which one??

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by staceykiaerin, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. have started a new TA job on the 21st nov and what with the strike situation the assisant head suggested it maybe a good idea for those not in a union to look into it for our own protection!! but where do i even start ??? i also work at a bank and am not part of union for them either but maybe i should?? do i need one for each or what?? dont really understand it all, and what sort of price am i expected to pay?? please can some one help. thank you
  2. Hiya, I am in the GMB as are all TA's in our place.
    Go to the website and you should be able to gain some of the info you need from there. I believe you can join online too....[​IMG]
  3. ATL is not a Support Staff union. It is not recognised by the Employers as such and cannot participate in National negotiations on pay and conditions. It is a teachers' union which cynically takes support staf money...
    Although a union has lots of fringe benefits, such as legal advice and support it is essentially a negotiating body which depends on the solidarity of its members when using its ultimate 'weapon' in negotiations, withdrawal of labour. If you don't intend to strike it is hypocritical to join a union...
  4. suedowd

    suedowd New commenter

    We are all in Unison. On Wednesday's strike we were at the front of our march in Bristol and it seemed to be the union with the biggest turnout. You can choose if you want a percentage of your subs to go to a political party or you can have them all paid to Unison. Ask your fellow TA's what union they are in and, if they aren't, encourage them to join. I work mornings only and pay £5/month - the money you pay is wage related. I'm not sure if you have to have seperate membership for each job but the union websites should be able to advise you of that. Good luck!
  5. I am in ATL and they have been good to me.
    Since the first lot of strikes a few of our TAs have now joined Voice which is of course a no strike union. No Idea what they are like though.
  6. Hiya
    I joined the GMB 11 years ago as I was then working with children who needed positive handling and so I joined to save myself! I have never needed to use GMB for help but I know that if left I would need them ASAP! I really would urge you to join a union, I think if you work with children it's imperative.

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